Briggs 45 weeks…

He’s got two teeth and by the way he’s been acting this week, I’m sure he’s got two more coming! With two teeth in that little mouth, he has been devouring food. I love the stage when they start to eat table foods more than they eat baby foods. He’s got some staples: bread, bananas, rice chex, cheerios, veggie straws, black beans and ritz crackers. He’s still coming around to avocados and northern beans. We finally got him taking a transitional sippy cup (he refuses the bottle) which means the weaning process can begin. Oh happy day!

Briggs 44 weeks…

briggs 44 weeks

He’s 10 months old and tipping the scale at 16 lbs. He’s not our biggest baby, that’s for sure. But when I’m packing him around, I’m okay he’s a lightweight. He’s built just like Hunter as a baby and he loves food. We introduced him to black beans this week and he devoured them. He also finally caught on to the sippy cup concept which means the weaning process can begin. Oh happy day.

Briggs 43 weeks…

Briggs 43 weeks

We’re bringing in a new year – Briggs’ style. This picture makes it look as though he can stand on his own – he can’t. He’s laying down in this picture! He brought in the new year at approximately 9:45, tired and rubbing his eyes. He was tired of watching everyone play dodgeball and he really didn’t care for the dance party in the dark room with glowsticks.  So he was off to bed to dream of party hats and noisemakers. He’s ready for the new year and so are we!

Briggs 41 weeks…

He saw the man in the red suit and he wanted nothing to do with him. I don’t blame Santa – he has the same reaction to most everyone…except mom and dad. He liked Santa from afar and the second he could sense he was leaving the safety of Steve’s arms, crocodile tears started to form and the screams erupted. His aunts and cousin spark the same reaction. It’s getting old quickly!

Briggs 41 weeks


His first tooth finally poked through and he’s cutting a second one. We’ve now gated the stairs because he learned how to go up, but hasn’t learned the art of coming down. He’s also climbing up in his crib. He’s in a new stage of dangerous! He makes sure the attention stays on him – the youngest child syndrome is already taking shape.

Briggs 40 weeks…

The days are long and the weeks are…longer. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

If you’ve got a 9 month old like mine you might feel that way. I remember all of my kids going through a stage where they wanted to be held or at least have a visual on me at all times, but we’re in the thick of it right with Briggs and it’s exhausting.

He will be happy playing and if he sees me leave the room there is wailing. While I’m cooking dinner, he’s crying at my leg. Hallie is more than willing to hold him, but that’s not what he wants and he’ll continue to cry.

If I’m holding him and he sees Steve walk into the room, he suddenly wants Steve and vice versa. Steve coined it best last week when Briggs was crying despite being held, he said, “I’m so done with the baby stage.” Sadly, I couldn’t agree more. We’ve had a baby on and off for many years and I think we’re both okay to move on. Don’t get me wrong – there are so many things that are tender and precious and wonderful about where we’re at right now, and we really do try our best to live in the moment. But at the same time we recognize we’re ready and oddly its comforting to know we’re both on the same page.

Briggs 40 weeks

He’s nine months old and he just barely tipped the scale at 16lbs. He looks really long, but I think it’s just because he’s so skinny because he’s average in length. He likes to crawl up on the open dishwasher. He’s figured out how to get up the stairs which just made our life more interesting and barricades are now going up. He still army crawls around the room but we’ve seen him crawl so we know he’s capable. When he gave up the pacifier a couple weeks back, he also gave up the bottle – which means I’m the only one that can give him milk right now and I don’t like that one bit. My favorite time with him is the first hour he’s awake in the morning. He’s happy, smiley and playful. Some days it lasts – other days it doesn’t!

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