Briggs 52 weeks…

I took pictures of Briggs on his birthday – 52 weeks old. And he was grumpy. I tried to shoot some pictures and he was crying in all of them. I took a break for a couple hours, he took a nap, he ate some food and wouldn’t you know it round two was just as successful as the first. All crying pictures. I thought I might try another day, but a the week slipped by and I sat at my computer tonight clicking through all the photos. I found just one photo where he wasn’t crying or scowling. One. So I used it.

I almost chose one of the hundred crying pictures just because that is just how he is right now. But it’s the final capstone picture to the project and years down the road  I want to trick myself into believing he was a content happy baby.

Briggs 52 weekly photo

He wakes up most nights – multiple times, but we don’t get him out and he gets back to sleep on his own.

He’s not walking yet and he’s still a ways off. All of our kids tend to walk later.

He likes to dance – at least he bobs his head and shakes his bum.

He loves to drop things off the highchair. Not usually food – just toys. It’s a game he plays with his siblings – they put something on his tray and he pushes it off.

He loves to climb up the stairs – and although he can get down, instead he chooses to scream from the top of the stairs.

He loves balls – he throws them in front of himself and chases after it.

He says mama and Steve is working like crazy for dada.

He has stranger anxiety and prefers to be in the arms of mom and dad. He doesn’t like to be alone which makes it difficult to work around the house.

He is sustained by milk, table food and one breast feeding a day – which is coming to an end soon.

He had his first haircut last week – not that he has a lot of hair but it was enough on the sides and back to warrant a trim.

He is 1 years old. Bring on the toddler stage.


Briggs 49 weeks…

49 weeks

He’s lovable and kissable and he’s doing this squinty eye thing that has us all laughing. And with three more teeth popping through on top, he’s not getting a whole lot of sleep these days – which makes him an angry elf much of the time. And even as an angry elf he’s still kissable.

Briggs 48 weeks…

Briggs 48 weeks

48 weeks and he’s left the country! He slept, he ate, he cried, he crawled through the sand. That is living it up in the baby world. We were nervous to have him sleeping in our room since he hasn’t been sleeping well lately. Luckily, the closet was just large enough to fit a port-a-crib. It was dark, it was quiet and he slept like a champ the whole time we were there. And he’s cutting two upper teeth. Bring on the tacos!

Briggs 47 weeks…

Briggs 47 weeks

Those high pitch squeals are real pleasant during our family dinners. Other times I can usually tune them out, but not at dinner.  It’s his way of saying… Gimme, Gimme. I need, I need. Give him more food!

Briggs 46 weeks…

Although the rest of the kids enjoyed our impromptu trip up north to find snow – Briggs did not. At all. Perhaps it was the snow pants. Or the boots. Or the hat. Its hard to say what it was exactly, but he cried the majority of the time. We tried setting him on the sled. We tried putting him in the carseat. Unfortunately – he was happiest being held. Clearly, he was made for Arizona!

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