To all mothers…

What mother couldn’t use this kind of encouragement?
Elder Holland Quote: You are doing better than you think you are
Elder Holland’s General Conference talk this weekend (Saturday afternoon) was a wonderful tribute to mothers everywhere. Yes, at times, it can be a thankless work, but it’s an important work. And we’re all doing better than we think we are.

C.S. Lewis Quote…

This quote was from a lesson I taught on Sunday.
C.S. Lewis Pride Quote
We are creatures of comparison. We think we know what we want – and then we see something our friend has and we realize that’s really what we want. We want their house, their car, their hair, their vacations.

And perhaps one day you actually get all that your friend has – and it still won’t be enough because somebody else will have more. We’re always striving to have more. And having more isn’t where we run into problems. Its wanting more in order to elevate ourselves or our status above others.

It’s something to think about. I know I’ve spent some time reflecting on myself this week and even caught myself in a few instances where pride started to seep in. What’s in my heart? What’s my motive? The better I understand it within myself the more chance I have of changing my thoughts and behavior. There’s never a shortage of things to work and improve on!


Here’s the quote on our kitchen chalkboard right now:
Life with Fingerprints: Luck quote
When Hallie first saw it she didn’t get it. “You get luck by working hard?”

Yep, and the sooner you learn that the luckier you’ll be!

Life is bliss…

Life with Fingerprints: Life is bliss quote

I have carried this quote with me for years. At one time I had it memorized and would occasionally repeat it to myself as I struggled with “delays” and “sidetracks”.

As I held the throw-up bowl for my daughter at 4 o’clock in the morning on Saturday, this quote once again came to my mind. And as I repeated it to myself, watching my little girl lay on the floor of our bathroom, I added in the word “Motherhood.” Anyone who imagines that bliss in motherhood is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that she has been robbed.” Let me tell you there was nothing blissful about that night. Cannon woke up just minutes after I got into bed just before midnight. After feeding him, I made my way back to bed only to wake up to Hallie an hour and a half later. After getting things cleaned up and her settled, Steve took the first shift and I was back awake at 4 for my shift. Hallie finally got to sleep around 4:45 and I jumped back in bed as quickly as possible. Cannon’s cries disturbed my sleep at 5:45 and I was back up.

Luckily – this was just one night in my motherhood journey. However, one night can derail a whole weekend of plans!

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