Choose well…

We all have a choice. Some days I choose better than others. I don’t even think it’s a daily choice – perhaps more of a minute-to-minute decision. Depends on the day!

Choose Well

To all mothers…

In honor of Mother’s day this weekend – a quote to give us all a little hope. And although it says “mothers”, I believe you can substitute “women” and it rings all the more true. Life is hard enough as it is – no need for us to be harder on ourselves – or each other for that matter. We’re all doing better than we think we are.

Doing better than you think

More important than speed…

I tend to move at feverish speeds – it’s how I’m able to get so much done. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how fast I move if it’s not in the right direction. I’m really trying to focus on direction.

The most beautiful things…

Helen Keller Quote

I heard this over the pulpit at church and loved it. I have seen some beautiful things – truly magnificent things and yet they don’t compare to the beautiful things even magnificent things I have felt in my heart: The beauty of love and compassion and even sorrow. The most beautiful things end up being the hardest to describe.



Treading Water quote…

Treading water is just about the best description of motherhood and the stage we’re in right now. I love when Jim Gaffigan jokes about having four kids. “You know what it’s like having a fourth kid? Imagine you’re drowning, then someone hands you a baby.” We used that line over and over again…until we had five kids! And although we laughed about it – it was all too true.

I came across this quote recently and it touched my heart.

Treading Water Quote

It spoke to me. Probably because of my stage of life but partly because it speaks truth. Yes, treading water is a necessary part of swimming, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. What it does is buys you time and energy until you can continue swimming. The hard part is we start treading water and we never seem to stop. And all the while we start getting frustrated that we’re treading at all and then we start to swallow water. Perhaps the question starts to cross your mind, “Why did I even jump in?!” Or you question if you even know how to swim.

We forget. We know how to swim. We love to swim. But swimming in waves has its challenges, so we tread. Luckily, waves change. Treading water today, this week, or this month doesn’t mean we won’t be able to swim soon. And it’s once we start swimming that we’re reminded just how much we truly love it.




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