Wrapping up…

My dad leaves tomorrow, which means all the projects we’ve had in the works for the past week are wrapping up. I use the words “wrapping-up” loosely because it implies the projects are complete. We’re almost there. I’ve got some nail holes to fill and some painting to do. Trim to install. I wish I could say they will be complete in the next week but the minute I put my dad on the plane, I’ll come home and try to put life back together. Piano lessons need to be given. Laundry needs to get done. My design work clients are stacking up. Everything has been on hold for the week.

In the meantime my garage looks like this: Hunter and Bennett’s closet organization. The boxes have been built and the drawers are stacked for ease of painting. Four days ago the garage look similar but it was the closet bookshelves sprawled across the floor. Have I mentioned my paint sprayer has been out of commission at the worst possible time. It’s been a while since I’ve hand painted this much wood – coat after coat, late into the night.

I’m hoping tomorrow morning these boxes and drawers are no longer sitting in the garage and that they make their way upstairs to the boy’s room.  Fingers crossed!

Project day…

My dad is here this week which means I have a well-orchestrated list to accomplish! I have spent the last year since Briggs was born on a building hiatus – it was just a little difficult with a needy baby – but I’m ready to come out of retirement. I need to come out of retirement! And my dad’s visit is just the ticket to get me started. Today was our first day on the job – poorly planned as it was a day off of school for the kids.

So there was some building. Orange juicing. Movie watching. Excitement of our big playhouse slide arriving. And serious disappointment when the slide went back on the truck because it was delivered damage. More excitement when my table saw arrived.  A trip to the hardwood store. A little more building. And finally some painting when the kids were tucked in bed. My garage smells of primer. How can tomorrow be as exciting as today!?

Projects day 1

DIY Wall Decals

DIY Wall Decal

I love a fun and eye catching wall treatment. I’ve used wood treatments in two of the rooms – which is permanent in my mind and really takes some commitment. In my office, I used paint to create a herringbone pattern which took some time but I know the minute I’m bored with it I can paint over it. And now I have my decal wall.

I love the idea of wall decals. You can transform your space using a trendy shape or pattern and the next year when it’s out – you can buy new decals and be trendy again. I thought decals would be the perfect addition to the loft area. Then I priced out decals and I changed my mind. They were crazy expensive for a vinyl sticker and I decided it wasn’t worth it. But my mind was still stuck on the decals so I came up with DIY solution: use Silhouette matte vinyl and cut the shapes yourself. Now I know some shapes would be ridiculous to cut yourself and it wouldn’t be worth it. But what about some fun diamonds or triangles. Or a + sign. This was so easy and it cost me $20 for two rolls of vinyl.

I mapped out my wall and decided how many decals I wanted and how large I wanted them. I then started cutting vinyl to size with a straight edge and rotary cutter. And used the small exacto knife for the cut in portions.

DIY Wall Decals

DIY Wall Decals

DIY Wall Decals

Here’s the wall I measured and prepped.

DIY Wall Decals

I used a laser level to make sure everything stayed level. I taped the decals on the wall and then when I knew I measured right, I peeled off the backing and carefully placed them on the wall.

DIY Wall Decals

DIY Wall Decals

It took me longer to set the level for every row than it did to place the decals in the right spot!

DIY Wall Decals

DIY Wall Decals

I have an orange peel textured wall and I was worried they wouldn’t stick – After two years, its safe to say they worked just fine. I peeled a corner of one a while back just to see how it will be when I remove them and there was no residue. I could pull them off all tomorrow and put hexagons on the wall!

This would be a great technique for anyone that is renting or has issues with wall commitments. The only downside I see is that the vinyl comes in limited colors. But if you’re in the market for a basic color, and you’re willing to spend time cutting out a shape – you could save buckets of money with DIY wall decals.

DIY USA Wall Art Tutorial can be found here
The darling 50 States books (with great illustrations can be found here and here, same author)

Insulation is really important…

When we first moved into this house, we had an energy audit performed. We were told they would tell us the inefficiencies in the home which would allow us to fix them and save on our energy bills. It was kind of a sham and really the people came in and told us we needed to buy new air conditioning units because they were old (Information we already had) and conveniently they also installed the units. It wasn’t overly helpful.

After moving in, summer rolled around and we noticed our daughter’s room was almost 10 degrees warmer than other areas of the house. We did the best we could to remedy the problem with the information we had. Three years later, it was still the hottest room in the house and we called an insulation company to come in an assess the situation. They concluded we didn’t have nearly enough insulation in the attic, so they made the needed change. We waited almost two months to see if we noticed a change – no luck. We had them back out to reassess. One wall in particular, an exterior wall, showed a very high thermal reading. They agreed to blow in new insulation if we ripped out the drywall and removed the old insulation.

Late one night last week, Steve and I got busy cutting a strip of drywall out across the entire length of the room. You can imagine our surprise and frustration when we realized there wasn’t insulation in the wall. An east facing exterior wall in Arizona without insulation. What?! I’m not sure how that was not noticed by the builder, the inspector or even the ENERGY AUDIT!

Blown-in Insulation
Blown-in Insulation
Blown-in Insulation
Needless to say, we’ve taken care of the problem. We’ve had the insulation blown in. The drywall is now reinstalled, taped, mudded and textured. All that’s left is some primer and paint. But if I have to buy new paint – shouldn’t I just paint the whole room?! And if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be best to refresh the color?! Decisions, decisions!

Sizzling weekend…

We’ve had a relatively mild spring – not too warm – and it’s been lovely. We’ve been able to get a lot done outside before it got too hot.

That’s about to change because summer is coming with vengeance. This weekend it’s supposed to hit 115. That’s pretty toasty even for seasoned Arizonians. With heat like that the kids are dying to be in the pool and I’m singing praises that we finished the yard. No yard work for us this weekend. Thank heavens.

As a sidenote: Our yard has been the talk of the neighborhood for almost 6 months. And now that its done we’ve received many accolades for sticking with the never ending project. As Hallie’s bus drove by one of the last times for the school year, the driver yelled out the window, “Love the yard.” Our observant UPS man also commented on how nice it came together. He also remembered that we removed the step up to our house – the step he didn’t notice one time and tripped sending our packages flying – he’s glad we did away with it. And some stranger who clearly has seen us out there working honked repeatedly as he drove by giving us thumbs up. So glad that project is behind us.
 photo 20160601-DSC_0606.jpg

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