Halloween 2016…Take 2…

Here’s just a few more pictures from our Halloween festivities.

The school puts on a costume parade first thing in the morning. Grades K-2 dress up – the rest of the grades enjoy the show and scream at their siblings as they walk by. Once the parade is over, all the costumes have to be removed and they move on to class parties. Bennett was a little nervous to wear his toga dress to school – he didn’t want anyone to laugh at this clothes – but he wore his costume with pride and the secretary at the school said it was the first time she had seen a Little Caesar in the parade.

Halloween Parade Halloween Parade

Hallie’s grade doesn’t participate in dressing up, instead they watch the parade and then enjoy a pizza party at the park for lunch. I’ve got years of photos of these three girls on Halloween morning!


Steve and I helped in Hunter’s class first (with Cannon and Briggs as secondary helpers). The doughnut on the string challenge always has me cracking up and it never gets old. By the end, Hunter had frosting smeared across his face and a little in his hair.

Halloween Class party

Bennett’s doughnut challenge was even more fun to watch. He went after it with all the intensity of his little heart. His animation really came out in this game as you can see from the following pictures.

Halloween Class party

Halloween Class party

Halloween Class party

After spinning around in endless circles, Bennett finally pinned the doughnut against the wall and went to town. He was so proud of himself that he figured out this little trick. The doughnut eventually fell off the string and he stood against the wall – covered in powdered sugar – and held up his hands as though he were the champion.

Halloween Class party

Halloween Class party

Halloween Class party

After school, the kids excitedly got in their costumes and we walked to our neighborhood party/dinner. We were quite the sight – who doesn’t want to see Jack walking down the road looking like this?


Halloween Costumes

The kids picked up their first full-size candy bar of the night. (Hallie and Hunter both ended up with 10 full-size candies. 10!?!)


Steve and I walked home with the three little kids, trick-or-treating all the way home which was more than enough candy to meet and exceed their expectations. Hallie and Hunter ran the neighborhood at a much faster rate and were able to pick up twice as much candy. They two were pleased with their loot.


We passed out candy on our neighbor’s porch before calling it a night. Then the dump and sort started. Our floor was covered in candy. It was disgusting on so many levels and we don’t even have a very big neighborhood! Our family handles candy differently than most. The kids pick their favorites to keep (10 pieces or so) and then their full-size and everything else goes into a large community bucket. That’s the candy we end up using on road trips, movie nights, sporting events and so on and some even donated. That’s how we’ve always done it and they have come to expect it. Its been the easiest way to somewhat control the crazy candy flow over the next couple months.  Good thing we have dentist cleanings set up next week!

Family Costumes – Fast Food Mascots

Halloween 2016 is done and our family costumes were a hit. They weren’t nearly as time intensive as the Lego costumes, but more work than our pirate family or Incredibles costumes. This year’s family costumes we were fast food mascots. Everyone got to choose who they wanted to be and when all was said and done, I ended up with the leftover – the clown that no one else wanted to be! We had Jack-in-the-Box, Ronald Mcdonald, Wendy, Colonel Sanders, Caeser and the Chick-fil-A cows. The most time consuming part was driving around to the six restaurants and requesting their boxes/buckets/bags.

Family Costumes, fast food mascots

Family Costumes, fast food mascots

Family Costumes, fast food mascots

Wendy’s Costume

Hallie already had a blue and white stripe dress, so we made a white apron, a nametag and purchased a red wig and added blue ribbon.

Family Costumes, fast food mascots: Wendys

Colonel Sanders Costume

Hunter already had a white shirt and we purchased white pants for his upcoming baptism. We purchased a white wig/beard. The beard that came with the wig ended up not working out so well, so I cut some felt and attached some hair from the beard. I tied jewelry elastic to it so he could wear it. The glasses were purchased online.

Family Costumes, fast food mascots: Colonel Sanders

Little Caesars Costume

It’s hard to find a kids Caesar costume. I made his orange toga and hot glued felt to the bottom. We cut up some greenery and attached it to his head using a headband and poked some holes in a pizza box and stuck it on a stick.

Family Costumes, fast food mascots: Little Caesers


Cow costumes were more difficult to find than I anticipated. I assumed I could borrow from someone. When that didn’t pan out, I turned to the stores and then online. Everything I saw was overpriced and fancy. I just needed a cow jumpsuit and found a cheap one on Ebay. I made a red shirt (because it was just as difficult to find a red shirt as it was to find a cow costume) and painted the words. Briggs was the matching cow and I found a onesie/pants set online that worked perfectly.

Family Costumes, fast food mascots: Chick-fil-a

Jack-in-the-Box Costume

Steve was able to use a suit he already owns and the head…well making the head requires a post all on its own but I’m pretty excited to have that thing in our Halloween arsenal!

Ronald McDonald Costume

In case you ever have a desire to dress up as a clown…don’t. Your kids will be scared of you and face makeup is never a good idea. But how can you have a family of fast food mascots and not have Ronald? Oddly enough I had the red/white stripe onesie. It was shipped here accidentally two years ago in someone else’s name and they never came to pick up the package. I threw it in the closet thinking Hallie would enjoy it one day. It came in handy this year. I made the yellow jumpsuit because let’s be real…they are not in style and even searching online I came up short. The red wig was purchased online and I was told more than once permed short hair should never be in my future!

Family Costumes, fast food mascots: Jack in the box and Ronald Mcdonald

Family Costumes, fast food mascots

Is there any question that we’re a crazy bunch? Nope – and we’re just crazy enough to go out in public dressed up as fast food mascots.



Halloween is over. The kids are tucked in bed. Their candy sorted. Cavities have started to take root. There are remnants of costumes strewn throughout the house. And a memory card to make sure we never forget the fun.

I feel bad for the teachers that have to put up with children tomorrow. Halloween hangovers are never pretty! I’m convinced Halloween should be the last Friday or Saturday of the month. Everyone would be better off.jack in the box costume

Here’s just peek as to what is on that memory card. Have I mentioned how great Steve is? And just how awesome he is to always play along with all my grand ideas?? I hit the jackpot. And I’ve got plenty more puns where that came from!


Halloween mess…

I remember the days when I had two little kids, I worked at Pottery Barn Kids and I bought their Halloween costumes at a huge discount. Steve and I didn’t ever dress up and it was easy.

Halloween Costumes

Granted it was usually pretty chilly and most of the pictures looked like this, with winter jackets over the darling costumes!

Halloween Costumes

Fast forward a couple years, and suddenly all the adults in our neighborhood dress up. And buying the costumes is now expensive without the fantastic discount so I end up making a lot of the costumes. I’m usually buying things here or there to complete the costume, but there is much more effort. And it also doesn’t help that I enjoy family costumes which takes a little more planning and usually a lot more time on my part.

My laundry room/sewing room has been a disaster for two weeks. It started out as a nice pile for every costume I was working on. But the closer we got, the more the kids pulled things from their pile to try on and I was trying to finish last minute touches. There are no more piles. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if everything is ready.

Halloween mess

There’s fabric, foam, wigs, felt, wood, hot glue, face paint, ribbon, zippers…it’s a disaster. I couldn’t wash a load of laundry right now if I needed to. And tomorrow it will be done. The costumes will be complete, worn, spilled on and packed away for another year. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

I work with 10 and 11 year old girls in our church – creating activities for them a couple times of month after school. Hallie is in the group so basically I get an excuse to spend time with her and her friends. This week we were playing Halloween games. A fan favorite in our house is always Halloween Bingo; a set I picked up a couple years back from Target for Hallie’s Halloween Carnival Birthday party.

The girls enjoyed it. It never gets old putting candy corn on the spaces or yelling out bingo and claiming your prize.

Halloween Bingo

After bingo, we went out on bikes for a Halloween scavenger hunt. I drove the neighborhood earlier in the day and made a note of the many decorations neighbors had put up. The girls then had to write the house number of where they found the decoration and they could only use a house number once. Originally, the girls were going to be on teams, but they decided it would be more fun to work as a group.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

We drove up and down the neighborhood streets. Each time they found one, they’d squeal in excitement. They got most of them after one pass through. But there were a few they had to circle back to and even then, there was one decoration they rode by four times before realizing it – a bale of hay. I even explained at the beginning that bales of hay come in all sizes – but of course, the girls were looking for the large bales they’re used to sitting on, instead of the smaller ones used on porches as decor.

Scavenger hunts are pretty easy to organize and I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged they all were in finding everything. Its an activity we could duplicate with Christmas decorations. We finished the afternoon with caramel apples because nothing screams fall more than caramel apples!

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