LDS Baptism Boy Invitation

This boy invited many special people to his baptism. And an invite gives me a good excuse to do an extended photoshoot!

LDS baptism boy invitationLDS baptism boy invitation

I’m used to designing baptism invitation for girls – so designing for a boy was a little different for me. I still use the invite we created for Hallie’s baptism. In fact two friends last week used it for their daughter’s baptism. I need to learn how to design for boys; it is my future!

Hunter’s Baptism photos…

We had a special weekend: My mom is here visiting us (which is always a treat) and Hunter was baptized on Saturday surrounded by friends and family.

For his birthday (in September), we went out and bought a suit and when he put it on he was suddenly a little man. I had glimpses of a future missionary. We went to the Mesa temple on a Saturday afternoon for a photo shoot and we had so much fun.

Hunter is not a spotlight kid and he doesn’t love being in front of the camera – especially when he’s the only one in the shot. But he knows how much my mama heart loves to photograph him and he was the most willing participant for his baptism photo shoot. No complaining. No whining. Just smiles and a little awkwardness typical of any 8 year model! He’s looking more and more like his father. Lucky guy!

Lds Baptism Photos

Lds Baptism Photo

Lds Baptism Photo shoot

Lds Baptism pictures

Boys Lds Baptism Photo ideas

Lds Baptism Photo

Lds Baptism Photo

Lds Baptism Photo

Lds Baptism Photo

Lds Baptism Photo

Lds Baptism Photo

Lds Baptism Photo

Lds Baptism Photo

Lds Baptism Photo

The whole shoot was strikingly familiar to Hallie’s baptism photos. Same location. Different 8-year-old. I’m sure I’ll be back there to shoot another in 2.5 years.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

I work with 10 and 11 year old girls in our church – creating activities for them a couple times of month after school. Hallie is in the group so basically I get an excuse to spend time with her and her friends. This week we were playing Halloween games. A fan favorite in our house is always Halloween Bingo; a set I picked up a couple years back from Target for Hallie’s Halloween Carnival Birthday party.

The girls enjoyed it. It never gets old putting candy corn on the spaces or yelling out bingo and claiming your prize.

Halloween Bingo

After bingo, we went out on bikes for a Halloween scavenger hunt. I drove the neighborhood earlier in the day and made a note of the many decorations neighbors had put up. The girls then had to write the house number of where they found the decoration and they could only use a house number once. Originally, the girls were going to be on teams, but they decided it would be more fun to work as a group.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

We drove up and down the neighborhood streets. Each time they found one, they’d squeal in excitement. They got most of them after one pass through. But there were a few they had to circle back to and even then, there was one decoration they rode by four times before realizing it – a bale of hay. I even explained at the beginning that bales of hay come in all sizes – but of course, the girls were looking for the large bales they’re used to sitting on, instead of the smaller ones used on porches as decor.

Scavenger hunts are pretty easy to organize and I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged they all were in finding everything. Its an activity we could duplicate with Christmas decorations. We finished the afternoon with caramel apples because nothing screams fall more than caramel apples!

A helping hand…

Last week I shared Steve’s encounter with a good samaritan. Let me share another experience.

A couple weeks back, when we were out of town over Memorial Day weekend we attended another ward for church. We took several rows for Steve’s family and trying to keep our kids quiet with their cousins sitting next to them was a little difficult. I noticed a lady in the row across from us. She too had four rowdy boys with a little girl and she appeared to be pregnant. She was sitting alone.

As I glanced her direction I could see it in her face, she was struggling. I could see it because it was all too familiar to me. That has been me for several years as I sat alone and Steve sat on the stand. I didn’t want her to see me watching her, so I turned my gaze forward and would periodically glance her way. After 15 minutes of watching her, I finally whispered to Steve, “I think the lady over there is having a hard time.” He glanced over her direction as casually as he could and observed the same thing I had.

“Well, go over and help her then.”

I was paralyzed. Yes, I could feel her pain, but I didn’t know what I could do for her. We were in the middle of a speaker. Besides, I looked at the clock and realized I needed to feed Briggs shortly. So I stayed put.

I sat for a few more minutes, glancing in her direction, hoping her situation and demeanor would magically change. Steve noticed my glances. “Just go sit with her and help her with her kids.”

“She’ll think I’m crazy. I don’t want to embarrass her.”

“She’ll appreciate the help, just like you always appreciated help.”

I pretty much talked myself out of it. Until the speaker sat down and several men from the congregation stood to walk up and sing. I had butterflies in my stomach as I quickly stood up with the men and stepped across the aisle and shimmied into the small section left on her bench. “I have been in this same situation many times. Can I help you?”

With a sigh of relief shaking her head she said yes. I reached for the baby that was in her arms and she willingly handed him over. Instantly, the rowdy boys suddenly were calm as they eyed me up and down wondering why I crashed their party! There was no more wrestling or jumping. They sat still as can be as close to their mother as possible. The little girl cozied up to me and drew me a picture and the baby was okay with a stranger holding him.

After a while, my sister-in-law turned to give Briggs back to me to feed when she noticed I wasn’t there. I leaned towards the mother and apologized that I needed to leave to feed my baby. I grabbed Briggs and headed out and I as I walked out I could see my sister-in-law taking my seat with the young family.

After the meeting was over, I walked in from feeding and found Steve talking with my new friend. I learned that her husband’s job takes him away over half the time on Sundays. She had a faith building experience in which she realized the blessings that result in attending church so she faithfully brings her 5 (soon to be 6) kids every Sunday. It’s hard and tiring. Most the time she’s wondering why she does it. I could empathize with her on so many levels. I’ve been that mom on Sunday mornings sitting in the pew alone fighting back tears of frustration, wondering why being there even matters. But I knew it was important and I so I struggled.

I enjoyed talking with the mother. She expressed her gratitude, we hugged and said goodbye.

The crazy thing is I almost didn’t help her, in church of all places! The same place that teaches us to look out for and care for others. Partly because I was uncomfortable and partly because I in no way wanted to make her uncomfortable. We often look at situations and think – that’s too bad, but really what I can do about it. Those words went through my mind as I watched her. But Steve’s counsel was inspired. “Help her with her kids.” It was simple. It didn’t take much effort, just a little courage to step out of my comfort zone. It made me realize people are more willing to accept help than we might think.

It was a good reminder to not only notice people in need but to extend a helping hand. What can you do to help someone today?

Youth Conference…

Steve and I (and Briggs) were able to escape some of the heat this weekend when we attended Youth Conference for our church up in the mountains. We had the. Best. Time. I’m still having a hard time processing and expressing all that I felt and learned and experienced. It was that good. I’ve got hundreds of pictures showing what we did, but they still fall short in depicting how I felt. Steve and I have found ourselves talking about the weekend over and over again.

And just when I think we’ve exhausted all conversation regarding Youth Conference, we find another nugget to discuss and reminisce on. Even today at church, our youth conference was the topic of discussion and all the kids shared their feelings and what they learned.

Here’s just a little teaser of many photos to come. As you can see, although we escaped the heat – we were still toasty in layers of heavy clothing!
 Moroni's Quest, Book of Mormon Quest, Youth Conference
 Moroni's Quest, Book of Mormon Quest, Youth Conference
Did I mention we had a good time?! Part of it was the experience – but part of it was only having to worry about one child. It was energizing!
 Moroni's Quest, Book of Mormon Quest, Youth Conference

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