Swimsuits, tan lines and summer hair…

If I were to name this picture it would be “Swimsuits, tan lines and summer hair”.

That profile. That smile. That light. It captures her perfectly. She seems to be growing at rapid speeds so I’m going to hold on to the mental image of the girl in this picture with her happiness and innocence. Childhood is too short.

Three amigos…

They’re working on our streets. It’s loud and messy and our house is vibrating. Bennett was the most curious about the project. Hunter became interested when he saw one truck shooting pieces of broken asphalt into the truck in front of him as they tore up the existing surface. Cannon wasn’t sure what was so interesting but he figured if Bennett and Hunter were interested, he should be too.

Bennett wanted the best seat in the house so he went outside on the sidewalk to watch. A minute later he was back inside because it was too loud. There they stood, the three amigos. I walked by them three times before recognizing the quiet moment between them. They’ve been great together this summer, playing and swimming. And the best part is Cannon plays along with them and thinks he’s a big kid. So much so that he pretended to fall asleep in the car coming home from running errands in hopes that it would count for his nap time, as to not miss out on any boy time. Before long Briggs will be trailing close behind.

Childhood is short.

Puzzle time…

In the fall, this little guy starts preschool, which means our lazy, music pumping, pajama wearing mornings will come to an end. He prefers that I crank the soundtrack to Moana as he sits at the table with a puzzle and a bowl of cheerios. He doesn’t need help, but he likes me close. Which works until Briggs is crying at my side and tries pulling the pieces off the table.

I’ve tried to get him to try a new puzzle, but this is his favorite. He calls it “Cannon words puzzle” and he can do every word by himself which makes him pretty proud of himself. I think my favorite part about sitting across the table from him while he does his puzzle is his little conversations. He’ll start to tell a story and then get distracted once he finds the peace he’s looking for. In his excitement he forgets he was telling me a story and then moves on to another story. Most the time the story is associated with the word he’s working for and most of the time its a movie quote. “Member, member in Moana…” “Member, member in Zootopia.” Childhood is too short.




Tub time…

The tub in our master bath has been used two times in 5.5 years. But just because people aren’t taking baths in it – doesn’t mean it’s not being utilized. Each of our babies have been fascinated by throwing things in the tub. At any given time there is clothing, brushes, cups, hair products and toys in the tub. It’s often full of randomness; when I can’t find something, I check the tub.

Briggs spends his morning while Steve and I are getting ready crawling the edge and tossing more items in. Its his favorite spot in the house right now.  He’ll grow out of it soon – all the other kids did. But right now, I know just where to find him. Childhood is too short.

Jungle Gym Jungle Gym

Sleepy Head…

My kids rarely fall asleep outside their beds but this dude was spent. It was 9 in the morning, he had a belly full of milk and he was tired of waiting for me to get out of the shower. So he parked it with his threadbare blanket and fell asleep on the hardwood floor.

I sat on the couch and admired his little body curled up on the floor. I love how is legs are tucked underneath his bum. I love how his lips are smooshed against his blanket. I love that he slept through two exciting episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. And I love that I captured it because he’ll never be this little again and he might never fall asleep on the floor this way. Childhood is too short.

Briggs Sleeping

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