He’s at the age where being out on the tube doesn’t look nearly as fun as sitting behind the wheel.

Every now and again he would look over my way and grin ear to ear – so proud of his work as the driver. Childhood is too short.

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Nikon D750 | Lens 24-120 mm | Aperature 4.0 | Shutter 200 | ISO 320

It must be something with this age because I have a picture of Hunter at the wheel and Bennett at the wheel as this exact age and not a single picture of them older in this same position.
 photo 20100617-DSC_7473.jpg
 photo 20130914-DSC_4344.jpg

They’re learning young!

The texture of summer…

In my mind, cotton candy is the texture of summer. It’s light and airy and dyes your mouth all sorts of fun colors and leaves your hands and face completely sticky. Perhaps most parent’s nightmare. I realize I might be in the minority here, but I love myself some cotton candy. The kids know I’m a sucker for the fluffy stuff and I rarely turn down an opportunity to coat their teeth with this glorious sugar.

But I don’t share. I always get my own bag. I’m not a fan of smashed cotton candy or even worse when they lick their fingers and then go to grab more and leave their slobber marks on a perfectly good cloud of candy. And blue is my favorite, I always go for blue. Oddly enough I’m not sure the blue smile is nearly as cute on me as it is on those younger than 6 years old!
4th of July photo 20160701-DSC_2811.jpg
4th of July photo 20160701-DSC_2804.jpg


Nothing says summer like a morning of swimming and an afternoon playing MarioKart.

We’re not big into video games – it’s not something that they can play without permission and we only have a couple games. I’m pretty sure the kids were shocked when they asked if they could play one afternoon and I said yes. Their chores were done and they were getting along and it was too hot to even swim.

So they all played MarioKart and their dialogue was entertaining. I enjoy watching my kids play MarioKart. Can anyone really play without leaning into the turns or clenching your teeth as you watch the red shell coming towards you? And the victory dances when you win the cup…forget about it. I have several videos of Bennett winning and they’re great – and even better is the dance he did when he thought he won and then the disappointment when he realized otherwise!

 photo 20160611-DSC_1402.jpg
 photo 20160608-DSC_1291.jpg
 photo 20160608-DSC_1285.jpg


I feel like I blinked and my little girl no longer looked little. She acts older. She talks older. After all, she is going into fifth grade. And she’s constantly asking why all of her friends have phones and she doesn’t! They don’t stay little for long, do they?!

Summer means sunscreen, popsicles, friends and pools. And this is her summer look. Sun bleached pool hair, chapped lips and freckles peeking through her skin and not a care in the world. 10 looks good on her. Childhood is too short.
Life with Fingerprints

Nikon D750 | Lens 85mm | Aperature 2.2 | Shutter 320 | ISO 100


I’ve always heard that kids like the box the toy comes in better than the toy. What is it about a cardboard box that screams endless fun. Steve had some large boxes at work so he brought them home for the kids to enjoy. Those boxes seemed to be relocated to every corner of the yard before they made a more permanent home next to the playhouse. Don’t worry – I built them a playhouse and they had just as much fun in their playhouse constructed of boxes.

I think more than anything I love the chalkboard doodles all over the boxes (and the fact that Cannon is invited too!)
Cardboard kids fort
Cardboard kids fort
Cardboard kids fort
Cardboard kids fort
Cardboard kids fort
Childhood is too short.

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