Piano Duo…

We moved the piano when we added a rug to the room and suddenly everyone has interest in the piano again. Funny how moving it from one corner to the other can do that. These two have been playing the same simple duet over and over again and whenever I try to sneak a video they immediately stop. I was able to pull off a picture though!

I love these simple childhood moments.

piano duo

Quiet Sunday…

He’s quiet. He goes about his day in quiet ways, (although his quiet ways usually involve a screaming sibling!) and I find myself yelling for him in the house only to realize he’s in the next room and has been there for a while. Sunday afternoon I hadn’t seen or heard from him in a while and as I walked through the room to get Briggs up from his nap, I found him laying on the bench in the dining room quietly reading the Friend magazine. I’ll take this over teasing his siblings!

Hunter reading

Afternoon light…

The hour after the kids walk off the bus ends up being the most busy and chaotic of the day. I sit at the table helping everyone with their homework, as we munch on snacks and talk about the day. Most the kids are done in a flash and they head off to do reading and chores.

This girl is at the table far longer than the others. Long enough that that the once chaotic kitchen turns quiet as everyone disperses to play. And then the sun starts to stream in and it always ends up being my favorite light. Hallie sitting at the table with my favorite warm light is a picture I couldn’t refuse. And then she asked why I was watching her do her homework. Because it’s peaceful among a house of crazy!

Childhood is short.


Swimsuits, tan lines and summer hair…

If I were to name this picture it would be “Swimsuits, tan lines and summer hair”.

That profile. That smile. That light. It captures her perfectly. She seems to be growing at rapid speeds so I’m going to hold on to the mental image of the girl in this picture with her happiness and innocence. Childhood is too short.

Three amigos…

They’re working on our streets. It’s loud and messy and our house is vibrating. Bennett was the most curious about the project. Hunter became interested when he saw one truck shooting pieces of broken asphalt into the truck in front of him as they tore up the existing surface. Cannon wasn’t sure what was so interesting but he figured if Bennett and Hunter were interested, he should be too.

Bennett wanted the best seat in the house so he went outside on the sidewalk to watch. A minute later he was back inside because it was too loud. There they stood, the three amigos. I walked by them three times before recognizing the quiet moment between them. They’ve been great together this summer, playing and swimming. And the best part is Cannon plays along with them and thinks he’s a big kid. So much so that he pretended to fall asleep in the car coming home from running errands in hopes that it would count for his nap time, as to not miss out on any boy time. Before long Briggs will be trailing close behind.

Childhood is short.

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