12 years…

Hallie’s 12th birthday celebration seemed to never end – which she was totally okay with. She didn’t have school on her birthday, so we kidnapped her from school a few days prior to give her the birthday lunch treatment – and she chose Panda express of course!

Hallie’s actual birthday was a Saturday and I’m not sure we’ve had a more busy weekend day the whole year. Tennis practice, two soccer games, neighborhood Halloween party and tickets to the ASU game. ¬†And yet all Hallie wanted to do on her birthday was go to the temple for the first time, so we made that the priority. Steve and I went with her to the Mesa temple and had a beautiful afternoon. She was so excited and had prepared so well to be there – it was rewarding and special to experience that with her.

Her other request was a birthday smoothie from Dutch Brothers. They know how to make a girl feel special (or embarrassed) with their loud singing and birthday antics, decorated cup and sprinkles. Dutch brothers is a birthday favorite in our house.

The next morning she woke up to a decorated door as she graduated out of her church primary class and joined the young women’s youth group. You can tell from her face she’s really sad to leave the primary behind! ūüėČ

We had already given Hallie her birthday gift – a trip to Utah – so it seemed anticlimactic to not have any gifts. Luckily she had a gift from grandparents and I surprised her with a water bottle she’s had her eye on.

And her annual growth chart photos – she’s just growing up!

growth chart  growth chart

You’d think this would be the end of the celebration…but no. She had a friend party two weeks after her birthday (soon to come) – it’s always a party when you’re 12!

Pirate Party…

Sometimes I feel like a rock star and I can take on the world. And other times, the list of to-dos is too daunting to wrap my head around. Lately, it’s been the latter. The list of to-dos is mostly trivial (with a few doctor appointments thrown in there) but none the less they occupy space in my mind which translates to taking up space in my day. We’ve had a busy few weeks and as much as I wanted to come up with new themed birthday for Cannon for his first friend party, I just didn’t have it in me. I kept putting it off and then his birthday was just days away.

Pirate Party

I was talking with Hallie trying to figure out what type of party it should be and it hit me – re-do Hunter’s 4-year-old pirate party. My heart kept telling me he needed a party personalized to him – but my head told me there were not enough hours in the day to reinvent the wheel. Two days later we threw his first friend party and he had no clue that the pirate flag had already been used before!

Pirate Party

We started with a special treasure hunt – I’d hid clues all around the front yard and back yard. We used a treasure map to update our route as we raced to find treasure: Pirate gear – bandanas, earnings and eye patches. Once they were dressed appropriately, they walked the plank and caught cannonballs (cheese balls) in large buckets. I made swords out of balloons (thank you youtube) and we had sword fighting lessons. The party was just as successful this year as it was 5 years ago and Cannon was a very happy boy.

Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Pirate Party

As a sidenote: There are benefits to having older siblings, even if you do get their leftover birthday parties. Hunter didn’t have anyone dress up as a pirate for his party but Cannon sure did. A couple years ago, we were a family of pirates for Halloween – so just before the party, I dug through the costume box and found my costume. Hunter saw what I was doing and asked if he could dress up. Before long, Hallie, Bennett and Steve also joined in the fun. I asked Cannon if he wanted to dress up but he was happy in his red striped shirt. Having all these helpers for birthday parties sure is nice!

Pirate Party Pirate Party Pirate Party


Happy Birthday…

Last weekend we were celebrating Cannon, this weekend we were celebrating Hallie. And then we have a long break before we sing the Happy Birthday song again.

For many, ¬†a 12th birthday might look like all the others, but Hallie has really been looking forward to this day. In our church, 12 years is a right of passage – it’s the age that you graduate from the primary (little kids) and you join the young women (12-18 years old). She gets to attend a weekly youth group. Girls camp in the summer. She can now go to the temple. All things that she has been looking forward to with great anticipation. And she has finally arrived.

She came into this world crying¬†incessantly – looking at her today you wouldn’t know she was the hardest baby. But she was and when she complains that her brothers are crying we kindly remind her that none of the kids combined have cried as much as she did in the first year of life.

I’m so glad we didn’t give her back all those years ago! She is the glue to her siblings and we remind them how lucky they are to have a sister that loves and cares for them as much as she does. She shares more than she needs to. She nurtures more than I would. She volunteers for jobs I don’t even care for. She is not only delightful, but she’s respectful. Yes, she gets angry and frustrated but she has a long fuse and a little bomb and 5 minutes later we’ve got her laughing.

She is growing up quickly and I’m enjoying every stage with her. Steve made her pinky promise that she won’t get sassy as she grows into a teenager – here’s hoping she makes good on her promise.

Birthday boy…

Cannon Birthday

Cannon had a birthday party Friday night with his friends, where we sang happy birthday and in his mind, he turned four years old.

This morning, Cannon woke up to the kitchen decorated and his birthday bucket on the table. He was so excited to be 5. In fact he was adamant that he was 5 years old. I see his logic. On Friday, he had ¬†birthday and turned 4. Today he had another birthday and turned 5. No amount of talking could convince him otherwise until we told him his friends were only four, so he wouldn’t be in the same class with them if he was 5. He was then okay with staying four for another year. Thank heavens.

Cannon Birthday

Cannon Birthday

He came into this world with a head full of dark hair and since day one it’s had ¬†mind of his own. That cute cowlick in the front of this picture has turned into a nightmare and I’m convinced he’s going to deal with this cowlick his whole life!

Cannon is a ray of sunshine. He smiles when he talks and he loves to retell stories over and over and over again. (And his retelling of the story is always 10 times better than the story ever was originally!) He loves his older sister and they share a special bond. He waits to eat breakfast with her most mornings. He loves to be tucked in and asks for three songs. Then tells you what three songs they should be. And then asks what we’re having for breakfast in the morning. He’s predictable! He is a pleasant toddler and for that I am grateful!

Happy Birthday Cannon boy.

Birthday festivities…

Nine year old boys, who love sports, are easy to please when it comes to birthday presents. He had Green Bay Packer trinkets in his birthday bucket, he got an ASU football jersey and tickets to a soccer game locally with some friends. He was on top of the world.

Not to mention he got to choose lunch – Taco Bell. We picked up the largest birthday smoothie from Dutch Brothers. He delivered Krispy Kremes to his class. His grandparents picked him up after school for ice cream. He was so excited to go to soccer practice on his birthday and his dinner of choice: cereal. After every soccer practice he asks if he can have cereal because he’s so hot. Oddly enough, cereal is rarely on our dinner menu. But it was on the menu for his birthday!

He spent the night exploring the house with his new black light flashlight. Luckily there were no scorpions in the house. However, he did find some places in the bathroom that he didn’t clean very well!

Nine is looking good on him!

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