Happy Birthday…

Today she became a teenager and she was beyond happy about it. She’s pinky promised to not turn into a moody teenager but only time will tell. 🙂

If I thought it was an option, I would’ve given her back as a baby…seriously, it was that rough. Even as a toddler, she was strong willed and tried my patience on the daily. But once she started going to school a switch flipped – She was happy and helpful and I would’ve taken three more girls just like her. But the other girls never came and she reigns the oldest and the only girl in the family. I think she quite likes her position in the family despite wishing for sisters every time I was pregnant!

She is the most helpful child you will come across. She’s helpful because she sees a need and doesn’t ask to help, she just pitches in. She has saved me on many occasions both physically and emotionally.

She’s a talker. She comes home from school and talks about her day and I love it. She tells me the good, she tells me the bad and I feel connected because she shares.

She’s turned into quite the shopper. If I’m out running errands she wants to come. Sometimes its the grocery store, sometimes it’s the mall – either way, she’s in. I quite enjoy having her to talk with as we run around.

She’s kind – she doesn’t seek to hurt others, even when her brother’s are egging her on.

She tries new things – if I’ve brought home Thai food – she’ll try it. If people are wake surfing at the lake – she’s not embarrassed – she’ll try it. She scared of heights but when we’re rapelling in Zion – she’ll try it.  I love that she’s not managed by fear.

She always tries her best. She’s an all-in kind of girl and I love that. However, she’s learning perfection isn’t what she should be striving for and sometimes good enough is exactly that…good enough.

As we always tell her – she’s our favorite daughter! 😉

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Happy birthday…

He’s waited a whole year to be 5 years old and the day has finally arrived! I’m banking on the fact that at least three times in the next week he’s going to tell me he can’t wear a shirt anymore because it says 4 years and he’s now 5! Kid logic makes me chuckle.

We sat in his room this evening recounting the day he was born and then we took turns telling him what we loved about him. With each person who added what they loved most, his eyes sparkled a little more and his grin got just a little bigger. Who doesn’t love to hear people saying great things about them? Even 5-year-olds catch on to that!

Cannon Birthday

Cannon Birthday

Cannon Birthday

Cannon Birthday

Cannon Birthday

He is a happy kid who loves to sit and play board games and do puzzles. He loves playing with friends and loves to run errands with me. He is helpful without being asked. He loves to play with Briggs and only occasionally is frustrated that he’s ruining his game!

I love this happy boy with a head full of crazy coarse hair. Happy birthday little man!

Birthday party…

I love throwing themed parties. My kids have parties on their even years and I start planning far in advance. But Hunter turned 10 and thanks to our little remodel – I didn’t have it in me to spend the time throwing a themed party. (which if I’m being honest was a little difficult to let go of!) I explained the situation to Hunter and he was more than understanding. We decided he would invite a couple friends to a trampoline/ninja warrior place and grab some dinner.

A few days later, he came to me and said he wanted to invite a lot more people. He’s a friend to everyone and he wanted everyone to come. So, we changed plans and had a swim party instead and it ended up being a huge success. They played king of the floaty for over an hour. They were exhausted by the time they were done and it was fun watching a pool full of kids screaming and laughing.

The kids could’ve stayed in the pool for the whole party but they were turning into prunes so we had cake and played Hunter’s favorite game – the candy bar game.

For those unfamiliar with the game, you purchase different candies for every person in your group (and we had a large group so it was tricky finding that many different candies when I was trying to avoid chocolate that I knew would melt). You put all the candies in the center and set a time limit – we did 10 minutes. The kids take turns rolling two dice. They roll once and if they get a 7 or 11 or doubles they can take a candy from the center (and hide it behind them) and pass the dice along. If they roll something other than that they just pass the dice along. The dice go round and round the circle, everyone taking their turn to roll the dice. You try and keep track of the candies you like so if you roll a 7, 11 or doubles you can ask someone specifically for their candy. But you have to be able to remember who has what candy in order to steal it from them. Candy gets passed around over and over again. You win some, you lose some. You do this for your specified time limit. We like to make sure everyone walks away with something so after the game is complete, the kids who had more than one candy, kept their favorite and returned the other ones to the center of the circle. Those who didn’t end up with a candy got to choose one from the center.

From the amount of laughing and squealing I can assume everyone had a great time – regardless that there was no “theme” or even balloons!

Happy Birthday…

He’s just turned 10, but he acts like he’s 15!

Here’s a snapshot of Hunter right now:

He lives to play with friends. He does book club once a week with friends, then has soccer practice two times a week and then he’s begging to play Wednesday because it’s always early release and then they’re always planning a late night on the weekend. He’s the bridge between his guy friends (who live outside the neighborhood) and his girl friends (who live in the neighborhood). His friends area always wanting to play at our house because the neighborhood shows up to play.

He loves sports just as much as he loves friends. He always has a ball with him. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing an organized club soccer game, retention basin football or watching sports on TV – he lives for sports.

He’s curious. He likes to tinker and create. He’s still a fan of Legos and asks for new sets every chance he’s receiving a gift.

He’s a jokester and he often has unwilling victims. He’s also a teaser – once again – unwilling victims. He’s happy – until he’s not (which is rare) and then he stomps off and sulks. Gives us a glimpse of his teenage years.

His birthday lunch of choice: Taco Bell
Birthday treat of choice: Doughnuts
Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons
Favorite subject in school: PE and Art
Favorite outfit: Freedom Board Shop shirt, shorts, tall nike socks and adidas low tops
Hairstyle of choice: Longer locks
Favorite weekend activity: ASU Football games

Happy birthday buddy!


Happy Birthday…

We celebrated Steve this weekend as he grew older and wiser. Family in the morning – his favorite sushi restaurant for lunch with his brothers – a little overnight staycation in Scottsdale with good food and great entertainment (improv comedy club).

A couple things we love about him:

He sings songs and makes the kids guess if they’re real or fake.

He’s got a sweet tooth…as long as it’s chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! I think he partially likes his sweets so rich because he knows he won’t have to share it with me!

He works alongside the kids. He knows its the only way to really teach them how to work.

One of his very favorite shirts was a gift from our friends and it has several cat puns on it (from when he worked at Petsmart). He wears it with pride and it makes me laugh every time he puts it on.

He is the best partner when it’s comes to parenting. He plays a large role in the “mundane of parenthood”. He’s on diaper duty, bed time routines and he’s far better when it comes to sick kids. I don’t mind cleaning up the messes but his compassion shines in those moments.

He’s simple (which is why we’re a good balance) and his needs are minimal.

He loves children’s movies and he’s always up for a family movie night. The kids know he has his favorites and often times will protest movie night even before the movie is announced because they know he always leans towards Mega Mind, Kung Fu Panda (the original) and Lego Batman Movie. He’s predictable.

Is he not the cutest!

Happy Birthday Steve-O!

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