Birthday festivities…

Nine year old boys, who love sports, are easy to please when it comes to birthday presents. He had Green Bay Packer trinkets in his birthday bucket, he got an ASU football jersey and tickets to a soccer game locally with some friends. He was on top of the world.

Not to mention he got to choose lunch – Taco Bell. We picked up the largest birthday smoothie from Dutch Brothers. He delivered Krispy Kremes to his class. His grandparents picked him up after school for ice cream. He was so excited to go to soccer practice on his birthday and his dinner of choice: cereal. After every soccer practice he asks if he can have cereal because he’s so hot. Oddly enough, cereal is rarely on our dinner menu. But it was on the menu for his birthday!

He spent the night exploring the house with his new black light flashlight. Luckily there were no scorpions in the house. However, he did find some places in the bathroom that he didn’t clean very well!

Nine is looking good on him!

Birthday boy…

We’re celebrating Hunter!

Hunter has had a year of growth.   

He’s learning the fine balance of teasing and playing. Of fighting and wrestling. Of witty and smart mouth. It’s taken years to get him to see the difference, but he’s figuring it out and it’s fun to see him mature.

As I looked back on pictures over the year, I realized, he’s the one that escapes my camera the most. He already rolls his eyes when I ask for a picture so we’re having to be creative.

He is as tender as they come and it’s been most evident in his relationship with Briggs. They adore each other.

He loves all things sports and is always up for playing or watching.

He is playful. He jokes, he laughs, he hides behind doors, he makes faces – he loves to have fun.

He is mischievous, but he’s happy. And we’re happy that he’s ours.

Happy Birthday buddy!

Birthday boy…

Today we celebrated Steve with all sorts of goodness, and yet we were gone most the day and haven’t even opened his gifts or had cake. Which means the celebrating will bleed into tomorrow which is exactly how Steve likes it. He calls it birthday week.

I’m not sure if I ever accurately depict Steve on this blog. It’s hard to capture in writing his sensitivity. In people. In situations. He is sensitive. He views himself as quiet, but he is quick and witty and extremely funny. And often self-deprecating. He sees the good in everyone. He’s always quick to point out that we never fully know and understand someone’s situation, and he’s right every single time. He’s very athletic and loves everything sports and yet doesn’t spend much time playing because he’d rather be with the family.  He rarely has an opinion on things in the house or anything relating to his wardrobe, which is to my advantage most of the time. His needs are slim and his heart is giving. He is truly one-of-a-kind.

I often tell the kids they don’t quite comprehend it yet, but they hit the dad jackpot. I asked each of the kids what they loved about their dad:
Hallie: Loves how he will go into her room at night and read the scriptures with her to help her understand them better.
Hunter: Loves that he plays games with him (and now that they’re old enough, they can play Steve’s favorite games and even beat him at times!)
Bennett: Loves that he gives scratchies and songs before bed.
Cannon: Loves that he shares his breakfast shake every single morning.

And I love that he lets me be me and encourages me in all my hobbies and interests (as long as I stay somewhat focused and not leave the house in a complete disaster!). Happy Birthday!


Fiesta Birthday Party…

Bennett participates in a dual language program at school with most of his friends so it only made sense to capitalize on his love for Mexico right now with a Fiesta birthday party. It was hard to find a day that his friends could join him and it just so happened that the best day only gave me two days to plan. Not ideal – but it really limited the amount of time and energy I spent on the party which I realized wasn’t all that bad!

I did make time to design an invite – that I then texted to all the mothers. I did this for the last two parties and it’s my favorite.

Fiesta Birthday Invite

Fiesta Birthday Party

Fiesta Birthday Party

Fiesta Birthday Party

Keeping 6-year-olds entertained can be difficult but we had enough activities that there wasn’t enough time for them to assemble their pitchforks. 😉

I designed “Fiesta Bingo” cards and we used black beans as the markers. We probably could have played this the entire time and the kids would’ve been happy.

Fiesta Birthday Party

Steve read the book Skippy Jon Jones in his best Spanish accent. He’s entertaining to listen to.

We did some taste testing. I went to a Mexican market and purchased several items for the kids to try. All the packaging is in Spanish so I really had no idea what I was purchasing – I relied on persuasive packaging. Out of all the things the kids tried – Mangoes were there favorite. Everything else was an unfamiliar taste and not nearly as sweet as what they are used to. Most the kids spit out the candy they tried, evidently they don’t like chili powder in their candy!

Fiesta Birthday Party

Fiesta Birthday Party

We played pin the tail on the donkey with a color engineering print from Staples. There was all sorts of giggling as they watched their friends place the tail in the wrong places.

Fiesta Birthday Party

And what’s a fiesta party without a piñata – filled with American candy of course! Here is Bennett’s poor hitting form – but he nailed the intensity!

Fiesta Birthday Party

He was happy as could be with his Jarritas soda and his deep fried tortillas with cinnamon/sugar posing as his cake – not to mention he was sporting his favorite shirt.

Fiesta Birthday Party

Fiesta Birthday Party

Fiesta Birthday Party

He talked about his birthday party for months. We planned it in two days. And within an hour and a half it was over. It was quite possibly one of the easiest birthday parties I’ve thrown together. Feliz cumpleaños Benito Panchito. (What his Spanish teacher calls him!)

Happy Birthday, 6 years old…

Bennett six years old

Bennett is pretty excited about his birthday tomorrow. We were talking about it tonight and he suddenly had a worried look on his face. He looked down at his shorts, which are brand new, and said, “I hope these fit tomorrow after I grow.” He can hardly contain his excitement – he’s been counting down for over a month and it was before Christmas when he started asking about his 6 year old party. Here are a few things we love about Bennett.

He’s our wittiest child – and he’s got excellent comedic timing.

He loves to eat and likes most everything. After a full dinner meal, he’ll grab the Costco sized bag of carrots and go to town.

He does best when we follow routines and he knows what to expect. At 12:01 on a Saturday afternoon he’s wondering why we haven’t had lunch yet. One benefit to his routines is he rarely misses a day of making his bed.

His excitement level can run really high and it can be exhausting at times.

His teacher at church keeps a log of all the funny things he says and shares it with me – he has me laughing and crying.

He has the best imagination. I’ll find him in a room playing by himself running through all the character’s dialogue. He loves being with his siblings and friends, but he does well on his own and sometimes needs it.

He’s easily our most dramatic kid – we need to get him in acting groups asap to channel it – he would love to be hamming it up in front of people. He’s also the most animated. We’ll have a great book someday of all his crazy faces.

He’s our middle child and he makes sure we never forget about him. We love him to pieces. Happy Birthday Mr. B.

Bennett six years old

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