Our summer adventures…

The sun has officially set on our 2017 summer road trip adventure. Steve joked that you know it’s time to come home when you leave with a large full tube of toothpaste and it’s nearly empty!
We rolled into town late Friday night/early Saturday morning. We had been gone for over five weeks – six if you count Steve’s family gathering just after school got out, but we came home for three days before setting out again, so none of the numbers below count that part of our summer adventures. As we drove through beautiful southern Utah at dusk, Steve and I recounted our trip and broke it down into the following numbers:
63 hours in the car (Steve was with us for 21.5 hours)
Slept in 5 states and 8 different beds
1 kid threw up (luckily not in the car)
2 kids had fevers
Slept in a boat and a teepee
Steve saw 4 airports
Filled up with gas 15 times and came really close to running out of gas one time
Watched Beauty and the Beast 8 times
Listened to Moans and Trolls soundtrack…too many times to count
Sang happy birthday 5 times
Went through 1 1/2 large jars of peanut butter
Kids learned how to wakeboard, wake surf and knee board
Fortunately we had 0 car problems
Ate at Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy’s McDonald’s, Chipotle, Chick fil a, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Little Chasers, Costa Vida, SAMs club, Peruvian restaurant, Qdoba, Five guys, Wingers
Attended a missionary farewell (niece) and went with one missionary through the temple (nephew)
Stayed 14 days overnight with siblings
Washed my windshield only three times, vacuumed once
Had 3 potty accidents
Bought four pairs of shoes
Worked only 6 hours
Did 11 loads of laundry
Ate 5 Costco sized bags of popcorn
Kids used one deck of cards to play over 150 games of speed, lucky under, trash, war and never lost a card
Uploaded 3,200 photos and videos
…and only 11 months until we get to do it again!

3rd grade reading…

It seems as though many of the books we’ve purchased for Hallie over the years have little to no interest for Hunter. I get it. Most of them have female lead characters and even though he’d probably love the story he can’t get over the fact that there is a girl on the cover. Major turnoff.

So I’m on a mission to find books that Hunter will enjoy and start building a library that is suitable for our family of boys and soon to be readers. Here’s our 3rd grade summer wish list.

(Amazon aff. and links)

6th grade reading…

I feel like I’m always searching for books my kids will enjoy, especially now that we’re pushing summer reading. There are so many great books out there and yet, each kid likes something a little different. Luckily, our local library has a great online resource to check out kindle books so I was on the computer today trying to build a solid list, specifically for Hallie because she’s the one I struggle to find books for currently.

I follow a lady on instagram and she gives great recommendations, I found great luck with finding lists through pinterest and I came across a great website readbrightly.com all about kids reading and books. Here’s our library summer wishlist:

(Amazon links and aff.)

She started Goodbye Stranger today because it was available immediately as a kindle book at the library and we have a hold on a couple others. Fingers crossed they keep her engaged and interested. Hunter’s summer reading is next on my to-do list.

Father/Sons 2017…

Steve and the boys went on their annual father/sons camping trip and all the pictures with dirt covered faces convinced me they must have had a great time.

I always pack the boys bags for their little adventure and every year I laugh when the boys come home in the exact clothes that they left in. They don’t bother with the pajamas I pack, or even the clean underwear. They humor me by telling me they brushed their teeth but I don’t totally believe them.

This year our brother-in-law and his three boys joined in on the fun. More boys = More dirt = More fun.

Staying up late – eating too many marshmallows – most likely not brushing their teeth. It’s little boy heaven. Throw in a little accident thanks to the mesh wall and you have a weekend that no mom would ever approve of. Which is exactly why they love it. Another year in the books. And I’m counting down the time until Briggs can go which will give Hallie and I an uninterrupted girls weekend!

Happy Weekend…

Happy weekend from a slobbery one-year-old who has finally embraced grass and doesn’t cry when he touches it!

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