For the Love of Reading…

We find him reading in some of the most unusual places – like sitting backwards on a tricycle on our walkway outside. Or perched on top of the stairs. Or walking off the bus. But the bottom line is he’s reading and his love for reading has taken off this year.

I wish I had the magic sauce for creating passionate readers. But the reality is, even though we have our kids read every day, it still doesn’t make them love reading. Some love it more than others and sometimes all it takes is a good book to get them hooked. Bennett has found his groove and he’s loving every book he pulls from our closet shelf.

This is the book he’s currently reading.

Hunter got it for Christmas but Bennett knows no boundaries when it comes to reading. I’m pretty sure he looks through the closet and determines his reading level based on the size of the font (despite my constant efforts to put books in order of level). He reads a chapter and if he understands what’s going on, he keeps reading!

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A sane mom’s guide to Easter eggs…

Who says painting eggs is just for kids?!

I would consider myself a fairly craft person, but I know my limits and I am not that fun mom that pulls out the dye and lets the kids go crazy dying eggs. It’s far too stressful and chaotic. However – I’m a huge fan of using markers to decorate eggs – and I’m a bigger fan of decorating wooden eggs that stay cute for years to come!

Life with Fingerprints: Wooden Easter egg crafts

Here’s what you need:

Life with Fingerprints: Wooden Easter egg crafts

I found 2 1/2″ wooden eggs on amazon (here), some leftover Rustoleum stain in classic gray and the same Sharpie oil-based paint markers  (here).

Life with Fingerprints: Wooden Easter egg crafts

Stain your eggs your desired color and let dry completely. Using the paint markers, go to town making all sorts of fun designs. I found that on some areas of the egg, the paint really seeped into the egg and I had to go over it a couple times to make it pop. I’m assuming if you sealed the eggs after staining you wouldn’t run into this problem.

You could also paint the eggs white and use fun color sharpie markers to decorate them. Either way – the kids (and moms) will stay entertained for a while!

Life with Fingerprints: Wooden Easter egg crafts Life with Fingerprints: Wooden Easter egg crafts

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It’s sinking in…

Picture from 

For the past several months, we’ve been studying the New Testament as a family. Some days are better than others and at any given time only two of three kids may be listening. But we’re making a deliberate effort! And just when we think it’s pointless because no one seems to be paying attention some kid  pulls out information that we weren’t even sure they learned and Steve and I glance at each other and realize some of it is sinking in.

We had one of those moments this weekend.

Cannon came running into the house crying and screaming that Briggs hit him. Briggs trailed behind him and looked a little guilty. However, Bennett trailed just behind Briggs and was going to make sure to set the record straight. Yes, Briggs did hit Cannon, but only after Cannon first hit Briggs. My gaze went from one kid to the other as this story played out and finally my eyes landed back at Cannon who clearly felt there was an injustice – regardless of being the one who started it all.

And through his tears he explained, “But that was the old law.” Everyone was a little confused as he repeated himself louder and with more conviction. “BUT THAT’S THE OLD LAW!” And then we realized what he was so adamantly explaining. We recently talked as a family about the difference between the Old Testament Laws vs the New Testament laws. We had explained that the old law was very strict with complete exactness and punishment – eye for eye. If someone hits you, you hit them back. We then explained the new law with the coming of the Savior and how it changed and how he taught of forgiveness – to turn the other cheek.

Cannon had hit first – but with the new law Briggs should not have hit him back. Briggs was living by the old law by hitting back and he was not happy about it.

At some point amid Cannon rolling around the floor during scripture study he was clearly listening more than we were giving him credit. He understood exactly what we had taught…he just missed the part about do no harm to others! We’ll have a follow-up lesson to make sure he understands the concept even better! 🙂

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New Prints for Hallie’s Switch Frames…

Hallie has been busy creating new signs to go with the magnet frames she sells, Hallie’s Switch Frames.

This one is just in time for Easter: He is Risen.

Steve’s mom requested a custom order that is now available for purchase as well: Be Kind Always.

Here’s the details of Hallie’s Switch Frames:

They are a solid walnut or maple frame with high strength magnets. She is selling a 12″ frame (perfect for 11×17 poster, 11×14 picture or 8.5 x 11 landscape) for $25. You can swap pictures and posters with ease! She also has a smaller size perfect for 8×10 prints for $20.

The walnut frame is sealed with wipe-on poly – the maple frame is sanded and ready for the stain or paint of your choice to complement your decor or leave it as raw wood if you so choose!

Even better – she’s including a digital download of her very own calligraphy poster, He Is Risen or Be Kind Always. (Or if you live local to us in Arizona, she will provide a print of the poster.)

If you already have the frame and want a new print – she sells just the print or digital download as well!

Send an email to to place an order or leave a comment below and she’ll get back to you.

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Christmas card 2018…

Briggs and I were cleaning up his room when I found one of our Christmas cards from this year tucked behind his bed. I pulled it out and put it on the dresser only to find it a couple days later behind his bed. Then I realized he was taking the card to bed with him. In fact, I’ve found him carrying it around the house and I’ve found it a number of random places – including the bathroom.

When asked about the card he opens it up and names every one in the picture. And he always refers to his sister as “My Hallie”.

A couple things I love about this card. First – is the family picture – we stopped on the side of the road with a tripod and within minutes snapped that picture. Steve mentioned it was the least painful photo shoot we’ve ever done.  Second – we’re holding the sign I made a few years ago (where every letter was lovingly cut by hand) that hangs in our living room. Third – it had a smooth touch finish which was smooth as butter. It’s no wonder Briggs likes carrying it around!

Here’s our not-overly-traditional-but-more-traditional-than-years-past Christmas card.

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

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