Some parents have a deep desire to feel needed by their children – others do not. If you know me at all, you can guess what category I fall under!

I don’t like to do for my kids what they are capable of doing for themselves. Sure, I teach them and help them along the way, but for the most part, I strive to teach them independence. Yes, that means I’m working to be less needed in their lives and that may be totally contrary to most parents. I want them to be able to make their bed, even if it doesn’t look as nice as when I do it. I want them to do their laundry, even if that means some of the clothes are wrinkled by the time they’re worn next. And I want them to manage their homework even if they miss a problem or two. Yes, I have to step in and correct and assist and make sure they’re on task. But they can do it – they’re fully capable and they’ve proven it over and over again.

And when I walk outside and see Hunter picking the oranges and then making juice for the family I’m reminded how awesome it is to have capable and independent kids. And I’m even more grateful he’s doing it outside because it is extremely sticky! 🙂


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Garth Brooks…

I went to one of my bucket list concerts – and it was just as amazing as I hoped it would be. Garth Brooks did not let me down!

It’s been years since I’ve listened to country but I’m from Idaho and there is always going to be a little country in my blood. The Garth Brooks original box set were some of my very first CDs and then for Christmas one year, my brother gave me his live CD and it stayed in my disc player for months – I’d listen to it on the bus driving to and from my high school basketball games.

His songs are nostalgic. He came out singing a newer song which didn’t get the crowd going – but I started singing with him on the second song and sang along the whole concert (as did everyone we went with). It’s amazing how many lyrics your mind can recall after so many years. Confession: there was only one song he sang that night that I don’t love and I’ve never loved it: Friends in low places. I’d be okay to never hear it again. 🙂 But I could listen to him sing the rest of the songs all day long.

Steve’s not a concert guy, but even he can appreciate a legend like Garth Brooks and like everyone else, he knew every word.

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

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The house is loud…

It’s been a little quiet on the blog lately. The blog is quiet – but our house is loud and we would choose loud over and over again.

It is spring break in Utah, which means Arizona gets plenty of visitors in search of warmer weather. Both Steve’s sister any my brother were in town last week and my my brother and his family stayed with us for the week. I’m pretty sure its going to take me a week (if not longer!) to catch up on all the sleep! Why can we not just have the same spring break!?

Our kids were in school – their kids were obviously not, so we had to get creative to maximize the time together. As a result, we had some late nights and unfortunately early mornings. (After kids were in bed we went and played pickle ball until midnight on several nights!)  There was one day where my eyes ached from being so tired and I found myself back in bed when Briggs went down for a nap. And although I couldn’t turn around this week and do it all over again – Give me a week of rest and I’d do it again! There is never a shortage of fun with this family.

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Apple stock…

Hunter and Steve were having a conversation Saturday about money. Hunter just finished mowing the lawn at his grandparents house and was feeling good about his new cash. Steve took the opportunity to give a lesson in money and investing and explained how the stock market works. Hunter asked a lot of questions and you could tell his wheels were spinning. What stock could he buy? How long would he have to hold it until it made money? When could he sell it? I didn’t hear anymore about the conversation until this afternoon when I got this text from Hunter’s friend’s mom.

I’m sure these two ten-year-old boys were scheming what they were going to do with all their profit from the stocks they are going to buy. Next lesson is how to invest that money into a business and he could be an entrepreneur!

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Club de espanol…

Bennett had his parent showcase for his after school Spanish club and he was only mildly excited to see us sitting in the audience! Things like this are really important to him and we’ve learned over the years it’s moments like this that fill his little love bucket and we brought the whole gang to show our support. He was beaming.

For 20 minutes I couldn’t understand a single thing that was said – they sang some songs, they acted out a play and recited a poem – and even though I couldn’t understand a word, I enjoyed watching Bennett light up. He was in his element.

Cannon was anxious to show his support by wearing this shirt – he planned it days in advance. And as we were heading out the door to go to the school he looked down and realized he didn’t have his special shirt on. So he ran back inside and dug it out of his closet. Hopefully he loves Spanish just as much as his older brother!

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