Our little girl is growing up and in no time she will move onto junior high and she’ll probably start acting like a teenager. But right now she’s still sweet and loves spending time with her parents.

Last weekend was a daddy daughter dance at the school. They’ve never had this event and Hallie was excited about going. Then she learned that she had a conflict and wouldn’t be able to attend. She was bummed. When her conflict was cancelled she was quick to make note that she could now go to the dance and Steve was just as happy to make a night of it.

From the sounds of it, it was a night to remember. Hallie danced and danced and Steve followed suit. He was willing to make a fool of himself and his lack of dancing skills because his daughter wanted to dance. He couldn’t help but wonder how much longer she would be willing to spend time like this with him. She wasn’t looking to be with her friends. She was happy right next to her dad.

They both came home with glowing reports and it made my mom heart so proud. She will remember this night – and there’s no doubt Steve will remember it as well.

daddy daughter

daddy daughter

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