Last night, just after midnight as I was brushing my teeth and going to bed, I was scrolling through my instagram feed. I saw beautiful homes, I saw cute Christmas pictures and then I saw the video announcing the prophet of our church, President Monson had passed away. I was the first view on the video only posted a minute before I saw it. I quickly showed Steve who was just getting out of bed after having trouble sleeping. Which was of course not the best timing because then we were up even longer talking about President Monson and Steve had even more trouble sleeping which means he was up extra late reading some of Monson’s most recent talks and watching a few videos.

Just last night I was sitting on Hallie’s bed and we were talking about the importance of prophets. We have prophets of old and modern day prophets and their counsel is valuable.

For those that don’t share my faith and may not know Monson – he was a man who lived a life of service to others. He lived a life dedicated to God and the church. His stories were entertaining and sentimental. His messages were inspiring. He was loved and will be missed. The passing of a prophet is always a time of appreciation and reflection and today has been just that.

Today my lettering practice was based on his words – his list of amazing quotes is endless.

Thomas S Monson Quote

Thomas S Monson Quote

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