Cardboard Car

Bennett had the kindergarten drive-in at school today. Each kid was required to make a cardboard car (or in Bennett’s case a cardboard plane) and they watched a movie from their vehicle. I love my kids teachers, but I’m pretty sure dumping this project on parents the last week of school is payback for all they had to deal with over the year. It’s the teacher’s last laugh.

This isn’t our first rodeo – Hallie and Hunter made their cardboard cars as well and every time I think this is the worst project ever. Perhaps if they bumped it up a couple weeks and didn’t make it at the end of the school year it might be more enjoyable. But the last week of school, really? There are school programs, recitals, parties, graduation, etc… and you want me to spend time on this?? I should be a better sport. It’s not the end of the world – just poor timing. Then you have to take them to school before it starts and promptly pick them up half way through the day┬áso they can set up the gym for another program…not my favorite.

Each year, I swear I’m going to keep the project in the attic so I can pull it out when the next kid has to do it – but something inside me wants to let each kid decorate their own.

Bennett killed it this year. I had it cut out when he got home from school one day and I gave him some crayons to decorate it. No spray paint – no wrapping it in paper. Nope. Not this year. And you know what, he loved it just the same! Here’s to one more day of school…



Cardboard Car

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