Bennett came home with a turkey and it was his job (with help from the family) to decorate or disguise his turkey. He talked of gluing cereal to it, which I knew would be a disaster. He talked of making it into Darth Vader which I knew would take forever.

After scrolling through pinterest, he saw the angry bird turkey. He loved it. I thought it was rather funny just for the subliminal meaning – what turkey isn’t an angry bird this time of year. 😉

With some white feathers and a red feather boa – this thing was stapled together in 4 minutes time. Much faster than watching large globs of glue on cereal dry! I drew the face and Bennett colored it with markers. It looks nothing like a turkey, but if you look real close you can see its feet sticking out the bottom!Turkey Disguise

I’m having a hard time believing its Thanksgiving next weekend. Where did November go? A number of people I know already have their Christmas trees up which I think is crazy and yet at the same time I find myself jealous that they’re already enjoying their tree. I’ve never put my tree up before Thanksgiving although I’ve been tempted to a time or two.

In my book this weekend is really the last calm before the storm. We’re going to make the most of it. Happy weekend.

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