Here’s just a few more pictures from our Halloween festivities.

The school puts on a costume parade first thing in the morning. Grades K-2 dress up – the rest of the grades enjoy the show and scream at their siblings as they walk by. Once the parade is over, all the costumes have to be removed and they move on to class parties. Bennett was a little nervous to wear his toga dress to school – he didn’t want anyone to laugh at this clothes – but he wore his costume with pride and the secretary at the school said it was the first time she had seen a Little Caesar in the parade.

Halloween Parade Halloween Parade

Hallie’s grade doesn’t participate in dressing up, instead they watch the parade and then enjoy a pizza party at the park for lunch. I’ve got years of photos of these three girls on Halloween morning!


Steve and I helped in Hunter’s class first (with Cannon and Briggs as secondary helpers). The doughnut on the string challenge always has me cracking up and it never gets old. By the end, Hunter had frosting smeared across his face and a little in his hair.

Halloween Class party

Bennett’s doughnut challenge was even more fun to watch. He went after it with all the intensity of his little heart. His animation really came out in this game as you can see from the following pictures.

Halloween Class party

Halloween Class party

Halloween Class party

After spinning around in endless circles, Bennett finally pinned the doughnut against the wall and went to town. He was so proud of himself that he figured out this little trick. The doughnut eventually fell off the string and he stood against the wall – covered in powdered sugar – and held up his hands as though he were the champion.

Halloween Class party

Halloween Class party

Halloween Class party

After school, the kids excitedly got in their costumes and we walked to our neighborhood party/dinner. We were quite the sight – who doesn’t want to see Jack walking down the road looking like this?


Halloween Costumes

The kids picked up their first full-size candy bar of the night. (Hallie and Hunter both ended up with 10 full-size candies. 10!?!)


Steve and I walked home with the three little kids, trick-or-treating all the way home which was more than enough candy to meet and exceed their expectations. Hallie and Hunter ran the neighborhood at a much faster rate and were able to pick up twice as much candy. They two were pleased with their loot.


We passed out candy on our neighbor’s porch before calling it a night.¬†Then the dump and sort started. Our floor was covered in candy. It was disgusting on so many levels and we don’t even have a very big neighborhood! Our family handles candy differently than most. The kids pick their favorites to keep (10 pieces or so) and then their full-size and everything else goes into a large community bucket. That’s the candy we end up using on road trips, movie nights, sporting events and so on and some even donated. That’s how we’ve always done it and they have come to expect it. Its been the easiest way to somewhat control the crazy candy flow over the next couple months. ¬†Good thing we have dentist cleanings set up next week!

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