While we were in Utah this summer we met up with our Wisconsin friends for an evening pool party. It takes a few minutes for the kids to warm up to each other again, the older they grow, longer the warming up takes. But then they’re inseparable again, just like when they were young. Everyone has a buddy their age.

The house we went to swim at was our friends parent’s house and it was more than just a pool. When the kids were done swimming they could roast mallows at the fire pit, play some basketball/tennis or go visit the horses. It might as well be considered a resort!
 photo 20160625-DSC_2218-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2230-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2237-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2255-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2262-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2270-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2278-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2280-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2320.jpg
I’m not a big animal fan, but these horses were beautiful. Perhaps it was the sun set casting a warm light on their shiny hair. Or perhaps it was the perfectly manicured stables that were nice enough I wouldn’t mind living in them. Either way, the boys enjoyed their time admiring and feeding the horses.
 photo 20160625-DSC_2336.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2362.jpg
We definitely scored in the friend department when we moved to Wisconsin. Grateful we’re able to keep tabs on each other over the years.
 photo 20160625-DSC_2381.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2388.jpg

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