Father/Sons 2017…

Steve and the boys went on their annual father/sons camping trip and all the pictures with dirt covered faces convinced me they must have had a great time.

I always pack the boys bags for their little adventure and every year I laugh when the boys come home in the exact clothes that they left in. They don’t bother with the pajamas I pack, or even the clean underwear. They humor me by telling me they brushed their teeth but I don’t totally believe them.

This year our brother-in-law and his three boys joined in on the fun. More boys = More dirt = More fun.

Staying up late – eating too many marshmallows – most likely not brushing their teeth. It’s little boy heaven. Throw in a little accident thanks to the mesh wall and you have a weekend that no mom would ever approve of. Which is exactly why they love it. Another year in the books. And I’m counting down the time until Briggs can go which will give Hallie and I an uninterrupted girls weekend!

Happy Weekend…

Happy weekend from a slobbery one-year-old who has finally embraced grass and doesn’t cry when he touches it!

Baseball fun…

Want to know how to keep kids interested (and myself) at a baseball game? Sit in the highest seats as to not bother people and then buy the largest bag possible of kettle corn and let them go to town! They had no clue what went on during the game but they also didn’t ask when the game was going to be over. That’s a win in our book.

I’ll let you guess what two kids were not excited to be getting so close to the awkwardly tall Randy Johnson character!

Another successful pogo pass outing – the only thing that convinces us to take these crazies out sometimes!

Little swimmer…

We need our water fearing child to be safe in the pool which means we need him swimming. This is not an easy task when said child doesn’t like water anywhere near his head! But I’m happy to report, he’s made a lot of progress.

The first 5 lessons, he cried the minute I told him it was time for him to put his swimsuit on. He cried through the whole lesson and he repeatedly asked the swim instructor through his tears how many more turns he had. The teacher was patient and persistent.

After the 5th lesson, we came home and he got right back in the pool. No longer was it lessons, but it was fun pool time. He jumped off the edge over and over again without a tear in sight. Wouldn’t you know, his 6th and final lesson there was no fight, no tears and he willingly jumped. Not only did he willingly jump – he could swim back to the side. Over and over again.

He was so excited that the minute Steve got home from work, Cannon required his attention at the diving board to show-off his mad skills.

He made a lot of progress in his six lessons (Arizona teaches swim unlike any other place I’ve seen) and yet, he’s still not drawn to the water like the other kids were. Could he save himself if he fell in – yep. But is he begging to go swimming – not yet. But we’ve got a long summer ahead of us to get him loving it.

Father’s day 2017…

Cannon thinks he’s 29 and that his favorite movie is Zootopia.

Bennett thinks his favorite thing to wear is pajamas.

Hunter thinks his favorite thing to eat is oreos.

Hallie thinks he’s smart because he went to so many years of school.

And all of the kids (except for maybe Cannon) were spot on. They know their dad. And they know him so well because he has made them a priority. Even when life was crazy hard and busy – he was making pancakes for them on Saturday morning. He chooses to play games with them instead of having personal time. He turns movie night into something much more by suggesting we push the couches together to make one large couch lounge. He embraces fatherhood and makes each child feel loved and special. He’s our very own super hero. The kids have no idea how lucky they are!

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