This is us…

I’m not sure if there are any other This Is Us fans out there, but both Steve and I are hooked.

I was in from the day they aired the first episode. It stars by boy Milo from Gilmore Girls, so I was bound to be a fan. I know a lot of people compare it to Parenthood, and thats a great show, but it felt completely different.

What I love about this show, is the manner in which the story is told. It’s not linear. It jumps back and forth between different time periods which is what has me captivated. They give clues as to what happens in the past by talking about it in the present, but they do such a fantastic job of slowly unraveling those details. Every episode leaves me wanting more. It’s one of those shows I might be better binge watching than waiting one week to the next.

There are some characters I love more than others, but their development is on point. I sympathize with some, empathize with others and I have been known to cry during episodes because there’s so much emotion. It’s that good.

After I was committed, I convinced Steve to watch one with me and then I made him start over. You’ve got to start from episode one. I say all this because – Monday it’s back. Brand new season and we’re a little excited. Steve is not much for TV shows, unless it’s Survivor, and this has him re-watching the season more than once. He’s making his way through a third time in preparation for Monday. I have no doubt its going to be good. You have a couple days. Do yourself a favor and start binge watching. You have time to get them all in by Monday and we can all enjoy it virtually together. Happy watching.

Afternoon light…

The hour after the kids walk off the bus ends up being the most busy and chaotic of the day. I sit at the table helping everyone with their homework, as we munch on snacks and talk about the day. Most the kids are done in a flash and they head off to do reading and chores.

This girl is at the table far longer than the others. Long enough that that the once chaotic kitchen turns quiet as everyone disperses to play. And then the sun starts to stream in and it always ends up being my favorite light. Hallie sitting at the table with my favorite warm light is a picture I couldn’t refuse. And then she asked why I was watching her do her homework. Because it’s peaceful among a house of crazy!

Childhood is short.


Family game night…

Steve and I are game people. We love games. We’ve passed that love on to our kids and each one of them have their favorites. Steve had a great idea to do a family game night complete with a table full of treats. With the span of our kids ages its often hard to find games we can all play together. So we had to get creative.

Family Game Night

The first games of the night were chosen by Cannon. Everyone participated in his games and he was beyond excited to have everyone play. (He was hilarious at headbands and did a pretty good job!) After his games were complete, he stepped away from the table and we started a movie for him. Next we played games Bennett would enjoy. He puttered out after a bit and joined Cannon watching a movie. Which left the two oldest at the table with a stack of games to choose from.

We played until it got late – the kids were officially sugared up and we sent them off to bed. (great parenting!) Sometimes, we have lofty expectations for nights like this, but we all agreed it was a fun night. Every kid had their chance at playing games they enjoyed with the family but at the same time Hallie and Hunter weren’t stuck playing little kid games the whole night. I hate to say it as if I’m surprised, but it was a successful game night. We’ll definitely try it again – perhaps we can be disappointed next time. 😉

Family Game Night

Saturday view…

I’m not sure what your Saturday afternoons look like but this is my view. We work as a family in the morning doing yard work and house work – and now soccer games for Hunter. By lunch time – every one is starving – and Steve mans the grill and turns out quesadilla after quesadilla. Briggs has learned how to push his chair around and climb up to enjoy life at the big kid’s table.

Getting dressed is optional – as is evident. Some are still in their pajamas and others (under the age of 2) wear nothing. What you can’t see is the living room that has a vacuum left out, a board game partially finished on the floor and the TV has a football game on. It doesn’t quite matter what team is playing – it’s college football and it’s a part of our Saturdays.

We’re only two weeks into the season and we’re convinced it might be ASU’s worse season yet. We’re also convinced BYU is going to let us down and I’m not so sure BSU is going to make me feel any better. We’re holding out hope that Wisconsin stays strong so we have a winning team to cheer for. Wish us luck!

Saturday afternoon

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