Winter wrap up…

I was going through my photos and realized I had a bunch of random photos showcasing daily life around here.

Briggs is the destroyer. He can empty a drawer or cabinet in no time. It’s a full time job making sure he doesn’t get into things and cleaning up after him.

We have really mild winters in the desert. But even with mild winters, I still get that spring project fever when it gets warm enough to not need to wear a sweatshirt. My first spring project was painting the trim on the pillars. A simple task – and yet it took a year for me to care enough to finally do it.

Each day this kid has a new bonk or scratch. Being a three year old boy explorer is not without its downsides.

Hallie will be turning 12 this fall. 12 is a big age in our church because you move from the primary (young kids program) to the young women (12 and older). We attended a special event to welcome in all the new girls who turn 12 this year. She couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this group. I’m trying not to be nostalgic because she is so happy about it, but I’m having a hard time swallowing the fact that she’s old enough. No more primary programs? New Wednesday night activities? Girls camp? What??

Hallie enjoys being in the kitchen with me and she’s able to help out much more these days. She’s always willing to help me try a new recipe and this particular day we were trying chocolate covered cinnamon bear popcorn.

Out takes from a few of our weekly photoshoots.

I bought this helmet at the goodwill for three dollars. It was a good purchase and has become the popular toy – Bennett doesn’t play football, but he makes sure to wear it while eating his pretzels.

Now that we have early church, and Steve is around more, Sunday afternoons are game time. Steve is making sure to teach them all his favorite strategy games and he’s taught them well because they usually beat him.

After our sledding excursion, our patio looked like this.

Saturday mornings are made for yard work and Briggs’ enjoys a freshly cut lawn – just like his father.

We take turns hosting Hunter’s friends after school for backyard football games and cookies.

Before school, the kids were waiting on the porch with their umbrellas until they saw the bus. Steve sprinted out to the but with them and grabbed all the umbrellas. Interesting fact: The kids don’t typically have recess on rainy days.

Sunday night family dinner when family (my lovely sister-in-law in the back) was visiting from Wisconsin.


Hunter’s class didn’t make fancy Valentine boxes – instead they each decorated paper bags. Of course his had a Green Bay Packer football player on it.

The hammock we purchased in Mexico has been used far more than I would’ve ever imagined. It’s between two posts on our back porch and they’re usually fighting to do their homework in it.

For Valentine’s Day we opted for a fancy family dinner at Red Robin. We rarely take the kids out to dinner like this – it’s usually not worth the headache – but the kids were on their best behavior and made sure to get our money’s worth of their bottomless fries.

Hunter really worked hard on his biography report. He was assigned Ben Carson and knew nothing about it before the project. His favorite part was creating the powerpoint presentation to go along with his oral presentation. When I was in second grade we were taught how to color in the lines – he’s learning powerpoint and excel.

Cannon got a new book and he requested that it was read every single morning. Steve was filling the quota before he left for work.

We have entered the world of Cub Scouts with Hunter. I’m grateful for leaders who take the time and make it fun and special for him because he absolutely loves going. He’s disappointed when there are pack meetings and he doesn’t go to scouts. The blue and gold banquet had a wild, wild, west theme.

Bennett did a science project with a solar oven and s’mores. Not sure he learned a whole lot but he loved the end product.

And that’s a winter wrap!

Briggs’ First Haircut…

Briggs’ hair was looking a little sloppy and a little wispy. The hairs over his ears were starting to curl and the top comb over was prominent. The back of his hair was curly and was the start of a great mullet. It was everything to expect in baby hair. But it was baby hair. And the older he gets, the less I see my baby and it was time to make the transition.  My baby no longer.

Except that he still cries a lot which is a good reminder that maybe he’s still my baby for a while longer.

Briggs' first haircut

He was more sad about the haircut than I was. That one little tear was suspended on his cheek throughout the entire haircut. He would calm for a minute and then quickly return to wailing. As if each individual hair that I cut was a painful slice.
Briggs' first haircut

Briggs' first haircut

Briggs' first haircut

I was left with a little pile. For my first two kids, I saved the hair from the first cut – and then I realized I didn’t need it. I don’t keep traditional scrapbooks and I couldn’t think of a reason to save it. So I scooped up this pile and tossed it as if it was just another haircut. If I change my mind about wanting to save some, I’ll just grab some from his next haircut – no one will know the difference! 🙂

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party…

I don’t typically like to duplicate themed parties that I’ve thrown for my kids. Every kid is different and they all have different themes. But sometimes it’s necessary to break the rule. Like when your baby is born on Dr. Seuss’ birthday – it’s necessary to have a Seuss themed first birthday even though you threw a Suess theme party for your oldest boy. (how was I ever to know I would be put in such a situation?!)

But as is usually the case, I’m now on my 5th first birthday and I’m starting to lose steam. Perhaps it’s because his birthday was sandwiched between a busy “Project week” and spring break. Steve was calling for simplification and yet I couldn’t let the last one come and go without some sort of celebration. I’m sure somewhere down the line, in some arguing match we would hear how everyone else got a first birthday…

So I simplified and with help from Hallie and Hunter and a trip to the party store – Briggs got his party/nacho bar with family that he will never remember, but we have pictures to prove that it happened!

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

I found the large 24″ balloons at party city. They might be my new favorite party decor. I cut one inch strips of fabric and tied them to the balloon string. The blue polka dot is wrapping paper from Party City that we cut and  put on the center of tables. We gathered the Seuss books in the house and stacked them in the center. We made blue jello and put a swedish fish in each one (one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish). We gathered several red candies for the tables. No, we didn’t find a bag of red/white gummy bears. But when you buy a large enough bag you can pick out enough red and white to fill the tables. They were the first things gone.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

His stranger anxiety is starting to get the best of all of us. His cousins are good sports and they keep trying to win his love. One way to do that is by feeding him!

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr Seuss birthday party

After people were done feeding him, he found the spoon and started feeding himself. And once the spoon was in his mouth, it’s almost as if he couldn’t figure out how to get it out! He just sat there looking around, sucking off as much of the frosting as he could.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

And while we were celebrating a first birthday, we might as well celebrate a 50th birthday. We should really start holding monthly family birthday parties!


I was sitting in my sister-in-law’s kitchen watching Briggs inch his way closer to the doorway. I kept watching his shadow. The closer he got to the door, the longer his shadow grew. And then he got up on all fours and started bear crawling preparing to cross the door threshold. His shadow took on new dimension – and his legs looked just as skinny in his shadow! Not too many crawling bum shots left in this guy’s future.

Childhood is too short.

Shadow photography

Nikon D750 | 24-120 lens | ISO 100 | Shutter 1/800 | f4.0

Reflection photography…

Windows are valuable assets when shooting photos indoors. Often rooms are poorly lit – but shooting against a window gives more than enough light for a proper exposure. You can use the light to partially light your subject – or you can use that light to shoot part of your subject and capture their reflection. I don’t do this often enough, but I love the result. Especially when they’re really concentrating on something (like watching someone make chocolate at the chocolate factory tour – or a throwback to when Hallie was a little one watching the mailman come and go!)

Reflections are another way to creatively tell the story of your kid’s childhood. Try it. Practice it. You’ll end up loving it.

reflection photography

reflection photography

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