New Prints for Hallie’s Switch Frames…

Hallie has been busy creating new signs to go with the magnet frames she sells, Hallie’s Switch Frames.

This one is just in time for Easter: He is Risen.

Steve’s mom requested a custom order that is now available for purchase as well: Be Kind Always.

Here’s the details of Hallie’s Switch Frames:

They are a solid walnut or maple frame with high strength magnets. She is selling a 12″ frame (perfect for 11×17 poster, 11×14 picture or 8.5 x 11 landscape) for $25. You can swap pictures and posters with ease! She also has a smaller size perfect for 8×10 prints for $20.

The walnut frame is sealed with wipe-on poly – the maple frame is sanded and ready for the stain or paint of your choice to complement your decor or leave it as raw wood if you so choose!

Even better – she’s including a digital download of her very own calligraphy poster, He Is Risen or Be Kind Always. (Or if you live local to us in Arizona, she will provide a print of the poster.)

If you already have the frame and want a new print – she sells just the print or digital download as well!

Send an email to to place an order or leave a comment below and she’ll get back to you.

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Christmas card 2018…

Briggs and I were cleaning up his room when I found one of our Christmas cards from this year tucked behind his bed. I pulled it out and put it on the dresser only to find it a couple days later behind his bed. Then I realized he was taking the card to bed with him. In fact, I’ve found him carrying it around the house and I’ve found it a number of random places – including the bathroom.

When asked about the card he opens it up and names every one in the picture. And he always refers to his sister as “My Hallie”.

A couple things I love about this card. First – is the family picture – we stopped on the side of the road with a tripod and within minutes snapped that picture. Steve mentioned it was the least painful photo shoot we’ve ever done.  Second – we’re holding the sign I made a few years ago (where every letter was lovingly cut by hand) that hangs in our living room. Third – it had a smooth touch finish which was smooth as butter. It’s no wonder Briggs likes carrying it around!

Here’s our not-overly-traditional-but-more-traditional-than-years-past Christmas card.

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

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Do you miss this…

I went to see neighbor’s brand new baby. As Steve and I sat on the couch with the newborn, the other three kids were wild and energetic. Obviously, there were a lot of changes in their house and they were each coping with the changes in their own way. I could see the mother was tired from the newborn and probably even more so from the others that also required so much attention.

The new mom then made an observation, “People say to soak this up because one day I’m going to miss it. I can’t even have two seconds to myself, I can’t imagine missing it. Your kids are starting to get a little older, do you miss this?” I looked around at her kids jumping off the furniture, one throwing a soft toy around the house and the tissue paper from our gift littering the floor. I couldn’t lie. I did not miss those moments. The moments where I was so tired I could cry at any moment. Yes, you might miss the newborn snuggles. But newborns are really like puppies and they grow up way too quick and then the newborn snuggles are gone and you’re left with a cranky teething baby. We commiserated. And then joked that the women who keep telling us that we’ll miss this stage are never the ones willing to take your kids for the afternoon to give you a break so you can think about missing this stage!

I felt for that new mom (and made note as to how I could help without telling her to soak this in because she’s going to miss it – because that is really not helpful at all). And then I came home and found this little Lego guy on the handle of my cabinet. 

I’m not sure how long it had been there but he caught my eye and I had the realization that it’s these little things I suppose I’ll miss. Not the fighting. Or the whining. Or the up-all-night children. But the little quiet moments that remind me that there’s a little human in the house that leaves unexpected toys in places where I find them. It’s walking upstairs and seeing books lined up in a row making the perfect car path.

It’s hard to even recognize these little moments as something to remember when there’s so much going on so I’m grateful when they catch me by surprise and it sinks in just for a second.

It may not be a glamorous job – but it’s definitely important.

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One productive week…

Project week with my dad – I look forward to this week all year long!  And then I’m always left wishing I could have another week. 🙂

He came to our rescue this year helping us finish up some projects left over from our remodel. I’ve been slowly plugging away since before Christmas, but I was saving some projects that I knew my dad would could help me with and he helped me check off boxes.

We’re usually working on a larger project and it takes the whole time. But this go around I would have him help with something and we’d get it 75% done and then I’d push it aside and start a new project. He loves it when I do this!  I was just trying to capitalize on what I needed his help for and then once it was almost done I knew I could finish it up on my own.

We built some pantry cabinets/shelves. This is what I was most looking forward to. We’ve had all the appliances sitting on the floor in this space so it was time to build something permanent.

We also did some projects with walnut which required piecing. (And took a whole day of sanding!)

We built a 5ft floating bench in the pantry and an even longer floating shelf underneath the sinks in our bathroom.

On top of that we installed a door, did trim work and other random things that just needed love. Have I mentioned how much I love project week? Even more grateful that he’s willing to come put up with me and my crazy ideas!

I also love having him in our home with my kids. We watched Bennett, Hallie and Hunter all play sports. Played chess, watched movies and sports, went for walks..


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Spring break…

We survived spring break and as much as we enjoyed our time together – I’m excited to get them back out the door to school tomorrow morning.

We had several commitments over the break which meant we couldn’t head to Utah like we had originally planned. But we managed to fill our time and the highlight for all the kids was going up north to the snow for two days. The kids were in heaven – the young kids played while the older kids skied.

I came across this picture as I was sorting through them today and fell in love. This picture summarizes just how amazing it was – even in frigid temperatures. And good friends make every trip more fun!

Spring break

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