Organized game closet…

This closet used to give me nightmares. It’s in our hallway and because the doors are always open most everyone who walks into our living room gets a good look at the mess that it is. I walk by and shut the doors multiple times a day, but it is the most popular spot in the house with my younger kids and they always have them open grabbing toys and games.

A year ago, I saw someone organize their games in matching boxes so they would stack better. Genius! I love buying containers anyway so this was the perfect solution. (These are sterilite containers from Target)

There are games that have large boards, so they stayed in their original boxes. But you wouldn’t believe how much space you save when you get rid of the oversized packaging. (This was also a good opportunity to purge the games that we liked, but never played and the ones that were missing pieces.) And now instead of being a complete disaster, it’s only a mild disaster that is easy to recover from. Inevitably a game is played and pieces don’t make it back in the box. I find them in the house and put them on the shelf, figuring eventually it will make its way back into the box. And then pretty soon I have a shelf covered with mismatched pieces and one of the kids ends up with the Saturday chore of straightening the closet.

But we’ve managed to keep it this way for over a year which I’m going to classify as a win. And I’m still using the paper storage I built years ago and I still love it. Double win. I’ve been slowly chewing the elephant that is the kitchen remodel, it’s nice to have a little win in the game closet!

Organized Game Closet


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Mexico…part 2…

Because there’s always so many “favorites” from our Mexico trip, it usually requires more than one post!

Everyday, vendors come up and down the beach selling their products – this is ideal because we get all the souvenirs we need without ever leaving the house. We enjoyed our daily mango beach vendor and all the kids managed to find the perfect sunglasses from another vendor. There were bracelets, hammocks and hats – everything showed up at the beach and between all the families, there was usually somebody buying something!


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Mexico…part 1…

This little spot on the Mexico beach has our heart and our time to enjoy it is never long enough. We’re grateful for friends who love it just as much as we do and are always up for another trip!

Each time this trip gets a little better. This time, Briggs was potty trained which meant we weren’t dealing with swim diapers and such. Not to mention he can walk up and down the steep incline to the beach house which is a game changer. The kids stayed entertained for hours and Steve and I played beach games. Have I mentioned we’re in a good stage of life right now!?

And I include this picture because even in our happy place, we have these moments. The moment when you have one shovel but you really wanted two. The moment when you think two naps on a beach day would be better than one!

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Mother’s day 2019…

I think I’ve said this a million times, but motherhood is not often glamourous. It can be monotonous and frustrating at times. And then there’s these moments of clarity where I start to see that my role as a mother is really making a difference – it is more than cooking and cleaning!

And then Mother’s day rolls around and I’m humbled as my kids remind me that I’m really just going to be remembered for my cooking and cleaning!! Leave it to a child to be honest. 🙂

Hopefully my kids will remember that I taught them how to make their bed. I taught them how to cook and worked beside them as they helped prepare dinner. I taught them that brushing their teeth was absolutely necessary – mouthwash is not an acceptable substitute. Hopefully they remember that amid the fighting, we sat down as a family every night and talked about our day over a table full of food. Hopefully they remember how they felt when they were home. I hope they feel my love – the reason I do everything I do for them – Love.

Mother's Day

There is no sweeter treat than to spend Mother’s Day with my own mother who lives too far away – it’s been many years since I’ve been able to share this special day with her and I was grateful to have her in our home this year. I am the mother I am because of the example she was for me. Not to mention my appreciation for her has increased immensely as I’ve had my own children and I realize just how hard of a kid I probably was – I had more energy than my mom knew what to do with! And yet, I always felt loved.

Mother's Day

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February 2019, 2 seconds…

In February we had my dad come visit to help on some projects and we were in full swing with sports; tennis, basketball and soccer. This is our life in 2 seconds a day…


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