Birthday Foodtopia…

My brother and his family came to visit us after Christmas – which meant they were here for my birthday. A birthday that we typically don’t celebrate in December, instead we celebrate with gifts on my half birthday in June. (Who wants to have an anniversary, Christmas, birthday and New Years within 10 days?!) But we were looking for a date night and it happened to be my birthday. Plus – in our area, there are several restaurants that offer free food on your birthday, so we capitalized.

We started out at Raising Cane’s. (Although I really wanted to start the night out at Outback with a blooming onion – but decided our plan included enough food, we didn’t need more!) We had free meals there using our tickets from the bowl game we attended earlier in the week.


Birthday Foodtopia Birthday Foodtopia

From there we went to Joe’s BBQ where we redeemed my birthday meal – an appetizer plate.

Birthday Foodtopia

We crossed the street to Liberty Market and picked up some free birthday desserts. We shared some key lime pie and salt river caramel bars.

Birthday Foodtopia

They were small desserts and we were sharing – so we opted for another treat…Slickables, custom ice cream sandwiches. We were stuffed.

Birthday Foodtopia

But then my sister-in-law realized she had a Krispy Kreme coupon expiring the next day – we couldn’t let it go to waste. No we didn’t eat any doughnuts, although they were fresh off the belt. We took them home for the kids for breakfast the next morning.

Birthday Foodtopia

We were stuffed. I was really happy we decided against the blooming onion at the beginning of the night! Hiking with the family, birthday foodtopia and board games to close out the night. It was a pretty awesome birthday, not everyone is as lucky to have two birthdays a year!

Valentine’s Rag Banner…

Valentine's Rag Banner
It’s time to start dressing the house in red and pink! A while back, I showed a rag banner I made for Hallie’s birthday party in navy and gold. It was surprisingly easy and cheap enough that I’ve made it again for Valentine’s day.

Here’s how to make it:
1. Buy 1/4 yard of four different fabrics.
2. Cut 9 one inch strips of fabric. (I folded it and used a rotary cutter to make the process quick)
Valentine's Rag Banner
3. Take each one inch strip (which is the width of the fabric you purchased) and cut them into fourths. I take all the strips of one color and hold them in my hand – fold it over and cut and take each half and cut it again. This will give 36 strips of each fabric.
Valentine's Rag Banner
4. Choose what material you want to tie the fabric to. It could be ribbon, baker’s twine, string, etc. Fold a piece of fabric in half with the twine sitting on top of it. Take the ends and put them through the loop and this will create a knot.
Valentine's Rag Banner
5. Continue alternating fabrics, tying knots, pushing the fabrics together until you have the fullness and length you desire.
Valentine's Rag Banner
Valentine's Rag Banner
It really is that easy. This is a sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-a-movie project which is just what I need sometimes!

Happy Wall 2016…

Happy Wall 2016

It’s time to take the cards down. I enjoy the space they take up on our wall and in our hearts every single year. All these people hold a special place for one reason or another – my fingers are crossed that the digital age doesn’t kill the Christmas card!!

Briggs 44 weeks…

briggs 44 weeks

He’s 10 months old and tipping the scale at 16 lbs. He’s not our biggest baby, that’s for sure. But when I’m packing him around, I’m okay he’s a lightweight. He’s built just like Hunter as a baby and he loves food. We introduced him to black beans this week and he devoured them. He also finally caught on to the sippy cup concept which means the weaning process can begin. Oh happy day.

Post Christmas Fun…part 2…

Amid all of our fun post-Christmas activities, we prepared for visitors to stay at our house – cousins came to visit!

My brother and his family escaped their Utah winter and enjoyed time outside with

We took them to our favorite bike park. It’s fun for all ages and it keeps every entertained and happy. (unless you’re Hunter on this trip and wreck on the first run – then it’s not so fun!)




My brother joined us after he got off work – nicely dressed for a day at the bike park. He opted for a couple runs looking like a missionary without a nametag. He insisted on keeping the tie on!







While the boys were busy on scooters and playing football we snuck away for some shopping. I always walk away a winner from this store.


We played a lot of games. Games with kids. Games at night after kids went to bed. We squeezed in some decent playing time.


On my birthday – before our foodtopia night (more on that later)  – we went for a family hike to the wind caves. We saw creatures, searched for Geocaching locations and took turns making up parts of the story. The landscape is just a little different than the hike we did when we were visiting them in Colorado last fall. The kids were careful not to fall on any cactus. Bennett came close to a cactus while he was holding hands with my brother hiking down the mountain and without skipping a beat and completely serious, Bennett shouted, “Why are you trying to hurt me?!” Being 5 years old is rough sometimes!

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

Family Wind Cave Hike Mesa, Arizona

We brought in the new year early for our young kids with frisbee dodgeball at the church and a glow stick dance party. With the young kids tucked into bed, the adults played games and the older hung out until the clock struck midnight. We’re wild and crazy like that!





We loved having our visitors. So much fun packed in so little time. And an awkward outtake as I was testing light because it’s just funny.


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