Grandparents visit…

We roped my parents into coming back down for another visit for Bennett’s baptism. My dad does not do well in the heat and for that reason we always have him come out in February. But out of love he was willing to come visit Arizona in May. We had our coolest May ever and he still complained about the heat – we’re going to stick with February visits for him:)

We packed a lot in a short amount of time. The were able to participate in Bennett’s baptism.

They were able to see Hunter in his first tournament game for flag football. (sadly a loss after 5 overtimes!)

They got to see Cannon graduate from preschool and win his awards. This was their first preschool program…ever. It was a good to one to start with!

They got to experience the elementary school lunch room – something every parent blocks out, but as grandparents, they were willing to go back! We had fun watching the kids with their friends during lunch recess.

My dad took the two older boys to a Phoenix Rising soccer game and despite their late night return (on a school night) it might have been the highlight of the week for all of them.

We played a lot of games. And despite a lack of photos of Hallie, she really was present during the week. She just didn’t have any main events we were attending!

And our traditional photos with the grandparents…

My dad managed to help me with a few projects and my mom and I were able to run some errands. They helped prepare the dinner after the baptism and we fit in a couple games of cornhole.

It’s been years since they’ve visited together and it was a nice treat to have them together. My kids weren’t sure what to do with the attention from both of them for the week!

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March 2019, 2 seconds…

I keep forgetting to get these videos posted. I’m great at taking videos. I’m okay at compiling the videos. I’m terrible at sharing the videos!

But the project continues. Here is our March in 2 seconds a day.

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Life according to the phone…part 2…

These cute cousins showed up to support Hallie in her basketball game.

Hunter and his buddies make up all sorts of games. I’m not sure the rules of this game but they sure were laughing.

They cancelled the mother/son dodge ball game at the school the day of, which meant we had to improvise our time together. We rode bikes to grab drinks.

Hallie participated in human foosball for an activity at church.

There is a wild peacock in the neighborhood and we came across it driving home one evening. We’ve seen it a couple times since, including one time in our front yard. My experience with peacocks is limited, but I’ve learned they are surprisingly loud.

Semi-annual conference breakfast with Steve’s brother’s family. The menu is the same every time and we look forward to it for 6 months.

Nothing to see here…

Surprise birthday lunch for my sister-in-law for her milestone birthday.

I can’t tell you how many animal pictures I have from our friend’s house. Ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, goats…we keep asking when the alpaca is showing up!

Pajama pizza party with Hallie.

We don’t typically do birthdays with the family but when you have so many family members that live in the area that share the same birthday month – you do a family birthday party.

I often get told these cousins look a like – the older they get, the more I see it.

Bridal shower for my niece getting married. We don’t seem to get together unless there is an event – but there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of events.

Bennett is the master at creative art and he makes sure that I document it. Hungry monsters devour pizza. 🙂

The home projects still haven’t ceased. Trimming out windows in the playroom – I had motivation – now it’s time to putty and caulk and the motivation is gone.

Dinner with our Milwaukee friends who came to visit Phoenix. That’s the great thing about Phoenix, we always have visitors.

And that’s a wrap…for now!

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Life According to the phone…part 1…

I’m always amazed how many pictures accumulate on my phone. Every so often, I download the photos to my computer and I get to relive the memories all over again!

Steve enjoyed several Suns games with friends. On particular day they found themselves on the court and even in the center circle for the coin toss. They were living the 12-year-old self dreams!

Hunter’s a work horse and often wants to test just how strong he is – like carrying in everyone’s overnight bags…at the same time.

Briggs likes to keep himself entertained at his siblings sports practice/games. We often keep balls and scooters to help entertain.

Cannon likes to join Steve on the front porch each morning. Clearly this is a while back – before it was 100 degrees at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Bennett has to be one of the most animated kids I know, yet put him on a stage and he is stone cold. All his siblings showed up for his end of the year singing school program.

When we did the kitchen remodel, we put a drinking fountain in the pantry. (A decision I’m grateful for every single day!) There’s a counter on it, showing how many water bottles we’ve saved and the kids fight over who gets to hit number milestones. Such as every hundred or when all the numbers match. I felt guilty one night getting a drink and watching it switch over to 666.

Cannon came home from preschool every day with a sticker showing how many books he had read. Every day he was excited to show me. His last preschool sticker read 530. I think he’s ready for kindergarten.

Hunter had a presentation in his GT Class showing his simple lego machine. Hunter wishes all of his classes taught with legos.

Double rainbow was shining bright for all the kids playing in our front yard one afternoon. It didn’t seem to bother any of them that it was raining.

You know what’s better than having animals? Having friends with animals – and a farm. All sorts of life experiences they gain over there!

Briggs was so proud of himself when he lined the table at my sister-in-laws house with colored dice.

I’m always up for hosting a potluck. But even better is a cinco de mayo themed potluck. I have yet to meet any Mexican food that I don’t love.

As a special treat for his last week home before all the kids got out of school, we rode bikes to Dutch Brothers for some delicious smoothies.

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Football wrap up…

Hunter came home from school one day saying he really wanted to sign up for a football league. I did some research and called a few leagues and found one that hadn’t closed their roster yet – we had three days to decide if wanted to play and they would place him on a team.

In Hunter’s mind that meant he had three days to find 10 kids who wanted to play and convince a parent to coach them.

The coach part was easy – Steve was quick to volunteer. Hunter went to school the next day and came home with a sticky note full of 10 names: 9 boys and 1 girl. They all agreed at recess to play on the team. That meant me calling each parent (luckily the sticky note included some phone numbers) to see if they really wanted their kid playing. Every kid was in. In 48 hours, Hunter had fielded a team to play on!

Hunter and Steve had the time of their life – I’m not sure which one had more fun! They would sit in the kitchen before games looking at the index card plays talking about how to improve their game. Then there was the post-game talk, reliving memorable plays or calls.

They were fun to watch and each game there was improvement.

Hunter LOVES football. He has carried a football around the house for years. The first sport he tried was football. He’s moved on to other sports, but recess football is still in his blood and he was living his 10 year-old best life back on the field.

He was good for a touchdown or two each game and I have countless shots that look just like this – him running and juking and running some more!

They were hoping to take the championship – but it just wasn’t in the cards this year. In the tournament they lost to the championship team in 5 overtimes. (Which we heard from the league was unheard of since we were a new, inexperienced team) It was heartbreaking for this little team. I’m sure they’ll be committed to coming back next year and trying again!

They love the game and even more they loved the time together.

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