28 weeks…

Weekly baby photo

Here is his weekly photo from last week – as happy and smiley as a baby can be. His hair is growing in enough that his siblings are enjoying styling it. Here is the Bennett mohawk.  He’s started the backward scoot which just lands him smashed up against furniture around the room. And he’s pushed forward a couple times when trying to get something just out of reach.

He’s enjoying his oatmeal cereal with fruit mix-ins – although he spits out rice cereal. Just look at him – I love his smile, I love his snuggles and history tells me he’s just going to grow up!



Summer Cousins…

Shortly after we returned from our Idaho summer – my brother and his family were in town for a family reunion and they extended their stay a few days to spend some time with us. Broken record: We love visitors!

The only bad thing about summer visitors is being limited to water activities – and even then there’s serious melting taking place! Our pool was used non-stop: morning swimming, after lunch swimming, before dinner swimming and movies in the pool.

Summer Cousins

Summer Cousins

Summer Cousins

We made it to a local waterpark one afternoon with no photographic proof.

And because there is never enough time in the water – we made it to the lake with Steve’s brother. You can imagine our disappointment when we woke all the kids up to make it to my brother-in-laws by 7am, only to have raindrops fall on our windshield as we drove away from his house. Rain wasn’t in the forecast, but it started coming down hard. But rain doesn’t typically stick around in this area so we figured by the time we got to the lake it would blow over. Wrong again. It rained and rained. We sat in the cars for over a half hour waiting for the clouds to part. We were ready to call it a day.

My brother-in-law said he was willing to take us out in the rain – we were going to get wet anyway right?! We loaded in the boat and started our adventure. The rain stuck around for a while, but we stuck it out even longer and enjoyed a beautiful morning on the lake, with no one else in sight!

Summer Cousins

Summer Cousins

Summer Cousins

Summer Cousins

Summer Cousins

Summer Cousins

And because I want my kids to see me in the water having fun and participating – I got on the tube at the mercy of my brother-in-law. We had a great time and my arms were sore the next day. My last time on this boat, with my brother visiting resulted in 8 stitches after my wake surfing lesson went bad! As you can imagine, I was a little nervous to get back in that water!

Summer Cousins

And thanks to our beautiful monsoon weather we enjoyed sunset after beautiful sunset.

Summer Cousins

Hallie and her cousin happen to have matching pajama pants which is perfect for their cousin sleepover. And I obliged to take a picture of their matchy-ness.
Summer Cousins
What I don’t have pictures to document is all the visits we made to the Soda Shop for soda and cookies, late night games night after night, frozen yogurt runs and the cleaning and organizing my sister-in-law helped me accomplish. She is a machine and she is good at what she does. My goal was to have her help me with the laundry room while she was visiting. But before that could be done, the guest closet needed purging and organizing, and then the laundry room, which led to the bathroom, hall closet, Cannon’s closet and other cabinets and drawers. Do you really need this? Why isn’t this with that? Do you need this many? Where do you actually use this? Do you have a bin this can go in? Let’s run to Target. I’m ready for another visit from the organizing fairy – now that its cooler, I’m ready to tackle the garage!

Perfect mother…

Perfect Mother Quote

I’m always seeking help and advice from those I love and trust on this journey we call motherhood. Sometimes its out of growth and other times out of desperation. And every time I’m left with the same realization: There’s no way to be a perfect mother. Have you met a perfect mother? I haven’t. There’s plenty of women I admire as mothers, but they’re not perfect. Yet when I look at myself as a mother, I tend to hold myself to a higher standard. I expect more of myself. Which of course just lends itself to disappointment.

Instead of perfection, I’m working on being a good mother – even a great mother! A mother who prayerful and deliberately makes decisions for and with my children. I often remind my children that I’m doing my best and that they didn’t come with a single set of instructions. Even sippy cups come with instructions! But I love them more than anyone else and that makes me a good mother. Usually they agree with me – although there has been an occasional, “You are not a good mother to me” yelled as they ran up the stairs. It’s usually in those moments that I’m reminded I’m doing something right!

Sandy Toes…

In all our marriage, Steve and I have never been to an ocean beach together.  Ever. Many ask how that is even possible and I’m scratching my head asking the same thing. But I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m not a big fan of sand. I’ve not had a lot of experience with sand, but what I knew of it, I didn’t enjoy. Particularly, I don’t like sand touching my feet. Weird, I know.

Steve on the other hand has been dreaming of a beach vacation. He wants to go on a cruise, he wants to go to Hawaii, he wants to go anywhere with a nice beach and run through the sand and play in the water. His dream came true this weekend at a sibling family reunion in Carlsbad. Steve was a kid in a candy shop, there was just not enough time to soak it all in.

Me, on the other hand, tried to be cool with the sand on my feet as I first walked across the beach in my flip flops. I quickly realized it wasn’t necessarily the sand on my feet that I couldn’t stand, but it was the sand in between my foot and my flip flop that was like nails on a chalkboard. I took off my shoes and was much better. And I much prefer wet sand over dry sand. Although finding sand in my pockets, or around the lip of my water bottle was less than desirable, everything else was amazing; due in large part to the people that surrounded me.

Sandy Toes Sandy Toes

Proof to my children that I indeed touched the sand! I’ll admit, I was left wondering why we can’t have grass beaches?? 😉


Summer swimming…

I feel like the swimming summer pictures just don’t end. Just when I think I have posted all the photos of our summer swimming adventures, I scan through my lightroom catalog and find just a couple more! And then a couple more! It doesn’t end. Here’s yet another swimming activity: A Saturday morning ward/neighborhood party at a local school pool. Lathered with sunscreen and surrounded by friends they were armed for fun. Throw in a couple popsicles and it’s pretty much the best day ever!






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