6 year home-iversary…

Today is our Home-iversary – we’ve been in our home 6 years now and although there’s still so much we’re changing and updating, we have come a long way. I’m just going to focus on the outside changes in today’s post.

Here’s how she looked on move-in day and funny enough – I didn’t have a vision for the outside when we bought this. There was so much that needed love on the inside that the outside was an afterthought.

Home anniversary

Within the first month we tore down the gingerbread.

Home anniversary

The house went from blue to gray, we removed the picket fence, planted a few plants and changed out the front door. It sat like this for a long time.

Home anniversary

But our grass was all weeds and our sprinkler system didn’t work right so we sought out sprinkler repair man. Several came to look at the project and they all told us the same thing. We needed a completely new system and needed to retrench all the pipes (we had a couple broken lines below the surface). The conversation then shifted. If we need to dig up the whole front yard – is there any landscape we want to change before that happens?

Which led us to this picture. Six orange trees completely uprooted and laying flat in our front yard. We tore out every living item and even non-living items like the sidewalk, light fixture and mailbox. We wanted a clean slate.

Home anniversary

Which is what we got… Just two months before Briggs was born. The home seemed suddenly exposed.

Home anniversary

My dad came down and helped me build out the posts and run the landscape bricks. Just weeks after Briggs was born we got back to the project and planted all the plants, ran all the landscape lighting and drip lines and had sod put in. And here we sit…for now.

Home anniversary

There’s still more to do, but we love where we’re at and we’re not going anywhere, so we’re taking our time. If feels like we’ve been here far longer than 6 years and with each passing year our roots grow just a little deeper.

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Cannon comes home from preschool with the cutest projects. Part of my mom heart wants to box them all up with all the and save them for him to throw away 20 years from now. My mom brain however looks at all the awkward shapes and sizes and knows very well they wouldn’t fit in an organization box. So pictures it is!

Cannon Preschool

Cannon was learning about caterpillars and butterflies at preschool when he posed the philosophical question, “Why can’t zebras turn into butterflies?” I’ve been wondering the same thing.

Preschool Activities

He could barely make it home before he was trying to rip off the candy corn and eat it. Luckily, I caught him before he devoured the glue covered candy corn. I traded him for glue-free candy corn from the cupboard.

Preschool Activities

Cutest statue of liberty I’ve ever seen! He stood like that as he recited the pledge of allegiance and then decided he didn’t want to eat his cupcake torch because there was toasted coconut on it.

Preschool Activities

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Phone life…

As much as I avoid using my phone to document life – I’d much rather use my nice camera with consistent results – it’s still quite handy to always have a camera on hand to catch little moments. Here’s life according to my phone:

I was trying to come up with a good excuse as to why I needed to buy a unicorn head. I never could throw down the $30 to take it home with me. 🙂

Briggs loves the pantry. He loves to grab food and carry it around the house which makes it difficult when it comes time to cook food and I can’t find my pasta. He had a little incident and it scared him more than anything and he looked down to see he was covered in potato flakes. I’ll need to stock up before roll season hits!

We had to go to the apple store for a repair on a Saturday morning. We braved the mall with all the kids and it was surprisingly pleasant – the apple store and scooby doo were a hit.

I found this from the first day of school.

This scorpion could’ve saved himself if he would’ve stayed out of my bathtub.

The night we had a brilliant idea to take all the kids and friends to the game. It was a late night.

We realized Hunter and his cousin are in the same soccer league in two different states and happen to have the same exact jerseys, just different numbers.

Hallie’s summer selfie from her classroom on curriculum night and Hunter’s recipe for success.

While Hallie and I were in Utah for General Conference – the boys were having their own fun.

Steve’s brother and wife came into town and as every fun aunt and uncle do – they treated our kids to the soda shop. They couldn’t have been more excited – a whole soda all to themselves?! It might as well have been Christmas.

While Hallie and Steve were camping together – I got together with other moms and boys and we hit the park to get some energy out.

I’m on blood thinners now and they told me I would bruise easily. They weren’t lying – still not sure how I got this bruise!  I bruised a lot before this medication so my legs look real nice now!

Briggs climbed on the table to get a taste of Steve’s root beer during our family game night. He wouldn’t let go of it!

My friend gave me some chicken salad with croissants. You can imagine my disappointment when I found Steve eating the croissants with nutella. Naturally – I was left with chicken salad and nothing to put it on. I relayed this to my friend who shared with me in the first place and a while later I found this little surprise at my house. Steve didn’t dare pull out the nutella again!

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Bennett came home from a friend’s house with a snowcone – and the minute he walked in the door, he had a little shadow. Briggs saw his cup and it didn’t matter what was in it, he wanted a taste. Bennett made his way outside to enjoy his snowcone privately…until Briggs showed up. I watched from the couch to see how it would play out and I was pleasantly surprised. I was waiting for Bennett to run off to the top of the clubhouse where little brother’s can’t reach him.

But instead, he stayed on the patio and gave one bite to Briggs and took another 5 bites for himself. With each bite he took, Briggs’ grunts became louder and louder until Bennett shoved the spoon in his mouth. This process repeated itself over and over again until Bennett showed the bottom of the cup to Briggs and he was satisfied to finally leave Bennet alone. There were no tears. No fighting. Just a little brotherly love and saliva swapping!

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DIY Thankful Sign…

DIY Thankful Sign

Just before my TIA, I started collecting materials for a new project – a THANKFUL sign. I wanted it large to sit above my entertainment center and I wanted the letters cut out of wood. Funny sidenote: when I showed up to the ER, I had my purse with me and as I was grabbing my wallet out, a pack of scroll saw blades came with it! I had just been that morning to the specialty wood shop to grab my last supplies. After my ER visit, I was feeling anything but myself. I felt out of place in my own body, I was tired and dizzy.

After two weeks passed and I could feel the depression start to wash over me and zero motivation to do anything, I pulled out my tools. At first, I was doing it somewhat reluctantly because I really didn’t feel like working with wood. But saws have healing properties for me and this jig saw project was just to trick to snap me out of a downward spiral. And what better message to be working on for me, right?

As I cut those letters, I had a distinct impression of gratitude that I was still able to do projects like this. That the numbness in my fingertips had subsided and I could feel the vibration of the saw. I had complete control over my fingers to move the wood in and out from the blade. I felt like myself more so than any other time in the previous weeks and it felt good. Project Kara is a happy Kara, even if they’re small projects.

Tonight as a family, we spent time talking about gratitude and a spirit of Thanksgiving. We all took turns sharing things big and small that we’re grateful for. I am beyond grateful for my health – a huge wake-up call for not only myself but also Steve. We often take our good health for granted and I recognize that. I am grateful to feel like myself again, its an uncomfortable to feel as though you don’t fit in your own skin and body. I am grateful for a loving and dedicated husband who takes care of me even when I don’t think I need it – he always knows how to help me. I’m grateful for those little humans who call me mom even when we’re in the thick of it and my patience is surface level – they’re always quick to forgive. I’m grateful for friends and family near and far who enrich my life on a daily basis. I have so much to be grateful for, I love a season dedicated to sharing our gratitude.

DIY Thankful Sign

DIY Thankful Sign

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