Growth Chart fun…

Marking the growth chart every year is a big ordeal. Kids crowd around to see if someone is taller than they were at the same age.  And Hunter is proudly sitting almost 2 inches taller than Hallie at the same age. And he couldn’t be happier about it. Hunter pointed out that the board is only 6ft tall – what happens when he outgrows it. He’ll be extremely lucky to hit 6 foot coming from us.

Hallie hates that she’s not as tall as her friends. If her shoe size is any indicator, she has plenty of growth in her. But she wishes she was taller right now. Her brother is gaining on her and she’ll be devastated when he passes her. I’ve got a feeling it’s only a matter of time!

Snow, Snow go away…

The small sleepy town that I grew up in, and the town my parents still reside, has been hit hard with winter storms this year. I often explain to people that although I grew up in Idaho, we were not usually buried in snow. Yes, it snowed every year, but it never lasted long – just the way you want snow, right? It’s fun to have a fresh white blanket on Christmas morning, and then two days later you’re over it.

My mom sent us a picture on Christmas Eve with their cars covered in a large amount of fresh snow. It looked dreamy – at least for Christmas eve. It looked as though they had met the annual average snowfall of 10″ in one shot! And then she sent more pictures a couple weeks later.

Unfortunately, the snow just kept coming. And coming. There was concern of the river flooding due to a large ice jam and warming temperatures. That fear was never realized as the ice jam broke and the temperatures stayed low. But the snow didn’t let up. The roads remained icy and school cancelled. Church cancelled. Day after day after day. The snow accumulation is more than the area has ever seen and many of the buildings have collapsed from the weight of the snow. Every day, the news reports school cancelled once again and more buildings that collapsed. It has been devastating to the entire valley.

Everyone is ready for some relief and hoping the rest of the winter comes in mild. To add to the current concerns of the situation – all that snow is going to melt and make for some serious flooding. In addition to my hometown, I’ve lived in eastern Idaho  and Wisconsin where we experienced serious snow storms and never have I experienced snow as damaging as this. I think my parents may be ready for a visit to Arizona.

Briggs 45 weeks…

He’s got two teeth and by the way he’s been acting this week, I’m sure he’s got two more coming! With two teeth in that little mouth, he has been devouring food. I love the stage when they start to eat table foods more than they eat baby foods. He’s got some staples: bread, bananas, rice chex, cheerios, veggie straws, black beans and ritz crackers. He’s still coming around to avocados and northern beans. We finally got him taking a transitional sippy cup (he refuses the bottle) which means the weaning process can begin. Oh happy day!


I was driving in the car with Hallie when I noticed a serious look on her face. I love when people are deep in thought and they have no idea that it’s written across their forehead. I asked her what she was thinking about and immediately she looked at me and started laughing. Nothing. I pushed a little more and she admitted that she was daydreaming about something that could never happen and she started laughing. It was so random and she got the giggles just telling me.

I confessed I too daydream. A lot. Probably more frequently than I should. In fact I confessed to her that I have a reoccurring daydream – I’ve won a large lottery but I can’t let anyone know, except Steve. At first, Hallie didn’t quite understand, “Well, you would tell us right? And grandma and grandpa?” Nope – only Steve would know. “But that would be really hard, you wouldn’t really be able to spend the money or people would find out.” Exactly. That’s why it’s such a fun day dream. We spent the next twenty minutes in the car going over different scenarios on how to keep the winnings a secret. It was an amusing conversation.

Here are some of the ideas:
Donate the money – although she was concerned that the church would find out when we pay our tithes!
Build an underground addition to our house with all sorts of fun activities – but we wouldn’t tell our kids about it – we’d play underground after they went to bed.
Tell people Steve got an amazing promotion at work.
Steve could buy businesses without anyone knowing.
Hallie suggested that Steve could upgrade his 2001 Honda Accord to a new car because most people wouldn’t think that was weird. (I laughed pretty good on that one!)
We could go on vacations and just tell people we’re camping.

We came to realize that most of the ideas required lying to everyone we knew. Which would be a pretty stinky way to live the rest of your life. So we mutually agreed to not win any lottery that required us to keep it a secret. Isn’t daydreaming awesome!!


He likes to put on Hunter’s football helmet and then ride his plasma car like a crazy man. My slanted landscape lights are proof of his off roading adventures. He wants to be just like his brothers. He mimics how they play. He mimics what they say. He retells their jokes. He likes to wear their clothes. He wants to watch their shows. He wants to do everything they do.

Winter weather here is absolutely beautiful and my kids spend most afternoons in the front yard playing with some type of ball (a lot of football, some soccer and a little basketball). Cannon makes sure he’s with them. Cheering them on from the sidelines on his car. These days don’t seem to last. Childhood is too short.

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