Favorite spot…

I was driving in the car today. The sun was bright and the sky was blue. I was in a sweatshirt – because I notoriously run cold even in Arizona. And within just moments of hopping in the car, I was warm. I rolled down the windows and turned the radio up and I cruised along. Cannon was not a fan of the wind in his face, but I couldn’t roll up the windows and turn on the AC when it was so beautiful outside. February and March are the best months in my opinion and today I enjoyed the moment. After lunch, I snuggled up with Briggs in the hammock as I prepped him for nap. Time was still for just a few minutes as I used my foot to slowly rock us back and forth.

When the kids got home from school, Hallie insisted she do her homework in the hammock and once she was done, Bennett insisted he eat his snack in the same place. It’s a popular spot these days. Everyone recognizes what a great season we’re in.


In two more weeks the orange blossoms will be fragrant and we will be at the peak of awesome weather. And then we start to melt. Until then, the hammock will remain occupied.

Briggs 49 weeks…

49 weeks

He’s lovable and kissable and he’s doing this squinty eye thing that has us all laughing. And with three more teeth popping through on top, he’s not getting a whole lot of sleep these days – which makes him an angry elf much of the time. And even as an angry elf he’s still kissable.

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Hunter is notoriously known as the teaser in the family. If I hear someone scream in our home, my bet is placed that Hunter had something to do with it. I’m right more often than not. He kids, he jokes, he teases…relentlessly. He has some siblings who handle it better than others, but there’s often tears involved. I tend to get frustrated with his never ending tactics – although sometimes he gets me laughing. When he jumps out of my shower to scare me, I laugh. When he places a rat in the cereal bowl, I laugh. Anytime it’s not at someone else’s expense, I usually laugh.

The rest of the time, I’m on his case to be kind and loving. And just when I think I’m losing the battle with him, I see his playful nature come out in all the best ways. I was weeding outside and I heard Briggs belly laugh. I turn around to find Hunter playing with him. Hunter was running across the yard to Briggs and then wrestling him. He did this over and over again. He was getting the response he wanted from Briggs so he just kept at it.

Brotherly Love
Nikon d750 | 24-120 Lens | Shutter 1/320 | F 4.0 | ISO 100

Brotherly Love

I witnessed Hunter’s pure adoration for his little brother. All joking and teasing aside – just his loving playful nature and Briggs wouldn’t leave his side. Two buddies playing in the grass on a Saturday afternoon. I want to bottle their giggles.

Valentine’s Box…

Bennett needed a Valentine’s box. He’s one that will come home from school ready to take on the project immediately and then change his mind a couple times. He wanted an angry bird box. He then changed his mind to a pig box. He was afraid the pig wouldn’t hold all his valentine’s so we started sorting legos to make an angry bird lego box. After getting all the kids to sort, we couldn’t get the angry bird to look right only using the straight edges of a lego. Plan D: A magformer’s valentines box. Easy as could be and didn’t require a trip to the store.

Valentine's Box

Valentine's Box

Hallie on the other hand was just lamenting the fact that she had graduated from Valentine’s boxes. She’s done some great ones over the years and she was sad to not participate this year. And then she came home from school today – the day before Valentine’s – and excitedly exclaimed her teacher said those who wanted to bring in a box could – or they could use a wal-mart bag for the optional Valentine’s that may or may not be passed out. It’s 5th grade after all.


Valentine's Box

Valentine's Box

Valentine's Box

Valentine's Box

I thought a wal-mart bag sounded great. But Hallie wanted a box – perhaps her last box ever (insert sarcastic and dramatic voice). I had just said yesterday I wish I could make her a unicorn box because it would be so cute and I’m not sure any of her brothers will let me convince them to use it. Hallie was against my unicorn idea.

I started rummaging through cupboards to find something she could use. I found our old cookie jar in the back of a deep kitchen cabinet and instantly a pinterest picture popped in my head. Put another container inside the cookie jar and fill the edges with M&Ms. Hallie jumped at the idea. A trip to Wal-mart and then to Walgreens (no valentine m&m’s at Wal-mart?!?) to collect candy and 10 minutes later she had her valentine’s box. Maybe not as cute as a unicorn – but just as functional and way easier.

Check out more Valentine’s Boxes here, here, here, and here.


I set him in the grass so I could grab my plate of food and when I turned around this perfect ray of light escaped over the fence to illuminate the back yard. The sun dropped quickly, but for just a moment, it highlighted his body so warmly as he sat there enjoying a warm bottle. I like that his little wispy hairs on the top of his head are accentuated and that his little hands carefully hold his bottle and his favorite blanket. His little legs are relaxed, yet his toes are curled. And he was perfectly content – until he realized I wasn’t right next to him!

Nikon D750 | Lens 24-120 | F 4.0 | Shutter 1/800 | ISO 1000

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